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Marketing departments continue to benefit from data-driven personalization. Take a look at what it is and why you need it for your 2022 hemp marketing plan.

What Is Data-Driven Personalization?

When you know enough about someone, you can deliver the right content at the right time using data-driven personalization. Personalization is about delivering value to someone at the right time.

Random blasts and generalizations are no more. Marketing today must be precise, personal, and strategic.

Data-Driven Personalization Is Crucial For Marketers In 2022.

This is so important that Ascend2 conducted the “Data-Driven Personalization Survey” to gather data about how marketers use data-driven personalization to enhance their marketing strategies. A total of 251 marketers participated in the survey.

The following are key findings from the report, along with a few tips on how to plan your 2022 hemp digital marketing strategy based on data-driven personalization.

Personalize The Customer Experience Based On Data

More than 64% of marketing professionals surveyed cited better customer experience as their top goal for a data-driven personalization strategy.

According to 44% and 43% of those surveyed, increasing visitor engagement and conversion rates are also primary objectives.

How Can You Improve Customer Experience?

    • Know Your Customer. When you want to know your customer, you need to collect as much data as possible and have a streamlined process to use that data. Eliminate your data silos and unify your data. You can gain a wealth of insight into your customers by fixing your data problems.
    • Let Your Customers Help Themselves (Self-Service). Give the customers complete control, and all you’ll have are happy customers. There are many ways you can put the customer in control of their experience with your brand, such as setting user preferences, posting FAQs on your website, and offering self-service options.
    • Engage Your Customers on Social Media. Don’t forget to engage with customers. By tracking your customers and responding to them, you will build loyalty and develop a better understanding of what is important to them.
    • Develop a Customer-Centric Culture. Your company should be customer-centric. Establish a culture that prioritizes the needs of the customer before the needs of the company, from leadership to frontline employees.

Better Customer Experience

Get to the bottom of your data issues and address them – it’s vital to your data-driven personalization success for hemp digital marketing.

According to 44% and 42% of marketers, improving the customer experience and increasing visitor engagement are the biggest challenges to a data-driven personalization strategy.

According to 41% of survey respondents, improving the quality of data used is also a critical challenge. All types of marketing tactics face the challenge of data quality: email, content, search, social, lead generation, etc. When was the last time you conducted a detailed research of your data? Are you working with silos of data? Do you collect and use data from your website to improve the customer experience? Paying attention to your data is important for your success, so don’t hesitate.

Analyze Whether You Are Collecting The Right Data

Today, hemp marketing data collection goes far beyond merely gathering names, companies, and titles. Website activity is a crucial type of marketing data used for personalization, according to 55% of marketing professionals. 47% of those surveyed believe transaction activity to one of the most essential data type.

Data-Driven Personalization Is Effective – Now Is The Time To Use It

Personalization based on data works! Twenty-five percent (25%) of hemp digital marketing professionals surveyed report that data-driven personalization is becoming more effective, while 67% say it is becoming marginally more effective.

Power Of Data Driven Personalization

Data-driven personalization is on the rise in the minds of 25% of marketing professionals.

Marketers Are Shifting More Of Their Budgets To Data-Driven Personalization

Hemp Marketers are seeing the value of time investment, resources, as well as expenses in personalization. Around 86% respondents plan on spending their entire budget incorporating data-driven personalization into overall strategy. One in five (18%) describe this increase as significant.

To help guide your decisions regarding hemp digital marketing strategy, marketing plans, and marketing budget, you must always research. Most digital marketing agencies use research to sell their plan to the adjust your current strategy.


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