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Sooner or later, every business is going to conduct a website redesigning project. And they should!

Do you know? 90% of people abandon websites because they are not designed properly. The number is enough to understand that website design plays an important role in shaping people’s opinion of a business’s credibility.

But while migrating o redesigning a website is a huge undertaking, making sure that you’re not wrecking your SEO is equally important.

If you redesign your website without aligning to SEO, the efforts will certainly fall flat. Also, resulting in your hard-earned search engine rankings tumbling down.

However, if you don’t want to deal with any such outcome, learn about the SEO pitfalls you should steer clear of suggested by experts of award-winning website development company Los angeles.

The function of an SEO marketing campaign is to make an internet site’s strategic pages rank excessively on Google for related searches.
Google’s advanced algorithm considers a complete slew of things when rating a webpage, together with relevancy and high quality of content, pictures, metadata, user-friendliness, and inbound hyperlinks, to call a couple of.
So, if the website redesign adjustments or removes a URL that was rating and producing natural visitors – without regard for SEO issues – your rankings for that web page might actually disappear from Google

Failing to benchmark SEO Performance before resign

It’s imperative that you benchmark site performance before your go for a redesign so that you can discover whether the differences you have executed are creating a decline in your rankings or traffic, or is there any other issue, for instance, the website got hacked or change in search engine algorithm.

The most reliable means to achieve this is through a complete SEO audit. Utilize automated SEO solutions to assess your site’s KPIs. Areas that are particularly relevant to measure cover:

  • Keywords rankings
  • Click-through rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Page speed
  • Top landing pages

Failing to benchmark SEO Performance

Aimless Redirects

Redirecting is the only way to bring a few of your customers to your new site from your old website shop.

Your current site should be equipped with all the bells and whistles that a website cannot do without. If you neglect to redirect old links to new site pages, visitors will see a 404 error, which implies they’ll possibly migrate from your site looking for solutions somewhere else.

Search engines will perceive these broken redirects and may consider your website does not function well leading to a massive downfall in your rank which will further make it tough to get traffic to your site as search engines think it is sketchy.

Overlooking Mobile-Friendliness

Do you know? If you rank in position in mobile, it will net you a third of all clicks i.e; 28% to just 19% clicks on desktops for the same position. Mobile users are five times more likely to abandon a site that does not live up to the factor “mobile-friendly”.

Mobile is indispensable more than ever. Most people are likely to visit websites from their mobile and not a computer. Google recognizes the potential of mobile platforms and confers preferred treatment to sites that are made keeping mobile-friendliness in mind.

Most renowned SEO companies in Los angles understand that seamless mobile search can’t be traded for anything, it is just non-negotiable! Therefore, they make sure their website redesign is responsive and coupled with greater loading speed.

Overlooking Mobile-Friendliness

Slowing Down your page Load speed

Page speed is vital for search engine ranking signals and a big reason for visitors losing interest in your website. To your knowledge, about 93% of visitors leave a site because it didn’t load swiftly.

A redesigned website might unwittingly slow the page load time. The reasons behind it can be many, maybe retaining large amounts of useless, unoptimized code that should be removed, or by combining large, uncompressed pictures to your site that require quite a good time to load.

With the rollout of Google’s core web, vitals and experience of loading speeds made it way more important.

Outdated XML Sitemaps

The up-to-date XML sitemap is a beneficial tool for SEO rankings. It assists search engine crawlers to discover and index the content on your site more quickly, showing them specifically how your website is structured and how pages should be prioritized.

Sitemaps should not be static. In case of a website redesign, the sitemap should be updated manually to match remodeled website.

If not, Google may not be capable to promptly crawl the site as they don’t monitor your sitemap on every crawl. They crawl the sitemaps just the very first time or when you alert them about the changes in your sitemap.

Just after when your redesign is finished, be certain to resubmit your renewed sitemap to Google Search Console or other search engines your site appears on.

Outdated XML Sitemaps


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