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Do you consider writing web application in PHP7 for availing a number of new features, along with reduced resource consumption and enhanced performance? You still are in need to select the right PHP framework for writing customized web applications in PHP, without the need to put extra effort and time. On the basis of specific requirements of the project, you should choose the best option for open source PHP framework.

A major percentage of website developers prefer Laravel Framework over other PHP frameworks. Laravel framework comes with a myriad of features that aid in rapid website application development, by providing the programmers with structured, reusable, and clean codes and advanced features.

Some of the features make Laravel the most popular are as follows:

Eloquent ORM: Laravel framework comes with in-built Eloquent ORM. This system enables the user to work with database through proper implementation of Active Record and performs common database operations through various models, without the need of writing complex SQL queries. Simultaneously, you can also take advantage of synchronization of running databases, through Laravel database migration, on various development machines.

Blade template engine: Just like other PHP frameworks, Laravel supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) design rule. It lets you simplify the complex and large web app development by keeping the business logic layers and the UI (user interface) separate. Along with the other features, Laravel comes with blade template engine, which includes the plain PHP code in the view, and then compile the views into PHP codes. Thus, the performance of the website can be enhanced by compiling the views into PHP codes, and then caching the codes until the views get changed. Blade engine can further make the process of data display easier for you, and extend the layout without affecting the speed of the application.

Authentication library: Laravel framework also makes it easier for the developer to build secure website application through implementation of different types of authentication. Apart from implementing various authentication services, one also needs to have control on the behavior of individual authentication services simply by changing the configuration file. It also has an in-built authentication library, which has several security features that include login page creation, data encryption, option to reset passwords, and CSRF (cross site request forgery).

Multiple file systems: Laravel framework is designed with the native support for multiple file system through FlySystem- a third party package. Through this feature PHP web developers are able to simplify configuration by using both cloud-based and local storage options. It also gives the option to customize the various configurations through config.php or filesystems.php. This feature eases the process to keep consistent APIs by choosing various drivers.

Events: These enhance the modularity and performance of Laravel. You can have the option to use events for creating class. This feature helps the developer to listen to all the events in the website and monitor the events that occur in a website, executing specific tasks. The user can further remove or add tasks to be executed based on particular events, by writing customized functions.