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Your website is the heart of every online marketing effort. So, you must build the website with marketing and not aesthetics, in mind.

There is something special in having an appealing vape website. You must focus on designing website for startup that has both form and function.

But the mistake most vape start-ups make is focusing more on the form and this is where they miss major opportunities.

In this blog, let us look at the 3 top factors when putting up a vape website design.

Why Vaping SEO Matters So Much?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO gets new prospects on the vape website. If someone does a Google search looking for a product they want to buy, your vape business can offer them that.

You want your business to be the first one they see. Vaping SEO plays a pivotal role in taking your vape business higher.

Think about your browsing habit. How often do you go to the second, third or fourth page of the search results? In simple words, if the vape website isn’t on the first page, most of the people won’t find you.

Start With Keyword Research

Ensuring high rankings on search results is why it is critical, to begin with, the process of website design for startups. Keyword research is important. You must brainstorm the terms you would search when looking for a good vape product.


This can actually be a long-list, write everything and don’t self-edit. Google search console also helps identify the terms that are driving the vapers to your vape website.

This might help you reframe your thinking on the list.

Think Like The Search Engine

The way a vaper would see your website differs from how Google sees it as it crawls through the site looking for information related to the search engine.

You want to ensure that as much of your content as possible is in HTML text format. Hiring SEO experts from a renowned company can help you proceed.

Having a proper SEO strategy for startups is important and every vape business must abide by it. SEO experts use proper tools that allow you to see what your website looks like to Google.

If the pages are showing a blank, you know the search engine is missing out on crawling most of the content.

In such a case, you need a restructuring of the vape website to make it HTML friendly.

Consider The Vape Website Structure

Besides, thinking about the way the search engine will see your site, you must ensure you are building a structure that makes for vape SEO and the visitors.

Creating an SEO checklist for startup websites will be helpful when thinking about content and flow. Think what information do you want to group? What is the logical path the visitors will take when navigating your site?

Now, once you have thought about the user experience of the vape website, it is time to think about the structure from the vaping SEO perspective.

Creating a site with a crawlable link structure is critical to making sure that all the content gets seen by search engines. There are several reasons your links may not be crawlable, including if they are for pages hidden behind submission forms.


Hiring SEO experts will help you avoid all hassles and get your vape website rank high on the search engine.

Creating SEO Optimized Vape Website

Clean code

Search engine crawlers also want clean and structured code. The experts work to deliver structured and well-commented code. This makes the vape website SEO-friendly and makes maintenance and upkeep easier.

Optimized content

Working on the actual content that would be ready by the humans and search engine crawlers is an important part of the vaping SEO promotion.

It starts with researching and selecting the right commercial keywords that you can later use in your vape websites’ meta tags, heading, image alt tags.

Speaking of content, both landing pages and blogs must have enough text. The minimum amount of words may vary from 300 to 500. Your SEO expert will help you determine how many words of content would be perfect for your website.

Meta tags and alt tags

The choice of meta tags makes up an essential part of SEO. This title tag tells both the user who is searching and sees a result from the search engine page. It also tells the search engine robots what the page is about.

Besides, the description tag provides more information about the vaping content and allows you to change how the page is seen in search results.

The recommended amount of characters for a title tag need to be less than 70 and for a meta description is around 230 characters.

You need not worry since the SEO experts have proper knowledge of writing meta tags.

On An Ending Note

Finally, a vaping website no matter how good it looks is nothing without a solid approach to SEO. Your website is the most important piece of online marketing strategy.

So, investing time in creating a site that ticks all boxes of form and function is a worthwhile approach.

Thinking about what SEO can do for your vape website? Contact us for further details.