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There may be several reasons for Google traffic to drop significantly or suddenly. It may be a big issue with something simple like the analytics code removed by mistake after a website update. Or it may be something serious like the vape SEO website being Google penalized.

There are many things to check and determine why the Google traffic dropped for your online vape business.

Can Redirect Change Cause A Drop In Traffic?

Redirects are used to transfer users and search engines from old pages to new pages. Now, using 301 redirects signals to Google that the page has moved permanently or they can transfer rankings from old pages to new ones.
Redirects are do ne using the htaccess file within the cPanel of hosting accounts. If you are using WordPress you can do it with plugins

Irrespective of the strategy you use, the best vape SEO service providers recommend having a list of redirects that keeps you prepared if something goes wrong, and you need fast backups.
To determine if the redirects are valid and haven’t been removed; take some from the backup list and check those by visiting the pages, or by putting those in the redirect checker. There are so many that you can use, and you can search Google.

Redirect Warning

Blocked Websites May Cause A Drop In Google Traffic

Website blocking happens two times:

  1. Releasing website updates, including staging to the production phase
  2. When you are redesigning the vape website

In these cases, the designer or the developer may forget to remove the noindex or nofollow code. It may also occur when they forget to disallow directives from the robot.txt file. Make sure you are careful enough to check to avoid mistakes.

Google Update Can Make Your Traffic Drop

Google has the habit of updating or tweaking its algorithm. Some large updates include Panda and similar others.

Most often, Google doesn’t announce updates. So, tools such as SEMrush Sensor and Mozcast have become necessary for vape SEO companies to identify traffic loss.

The criteria to determine if Google update had any impacts on the website are by checking several data points.

Google update

Link Spam May Cause Google Traffic Fall

Once every year Google releases major link-based algorithm updates to sort out important links and spam links created through new link-building processes that marketers implemented.

Spam links are one of the main issues for websites losing Google traffic. You have hired an inexperienced vape SEO service provider or they thought they can outsmart the Google algorithm.

They think of buying links or using strategies to create several low-quality links including, directory submission, press releases, etc.

To determine if the website traffic got impacted because your website has excessive low-quality links, you need a link audit. It starts by exploring the link graph and with a thorough analysis.

Poor Quality Content

Content is at the center of every business growth strategy, including vape. Without flawless content, your users wouldn’t engage, and Google wouldn’t rank your website. Also, the risk of getting affected by search engine update becomes more.

An experienced vape marketing company produces numerous high-quality content, and again, there are websites with very low-quality ones. Content that is just that adding no value to the readers.

Bad Content

Poor Website May Cause Google Traffic Fall

Website quality includes several aspects from experience, usability, and information architecture as well as the content.

If you didn’t know, website quality also impacts SEO, traffic, and rankings. It even impacts the conversion rate.

Now, the impact of conversion rate depends on lead generation processes and how much users trust your vape website based on the visual appeal, user experience, and more.

No Transition Plan

You have written several times about the benefits of having transition plans while migrating the website to HTTPS or redesigning, or even website relaunching.

No transition

If your website is recently relaunched, migrated or redesigned, or even moved to HTTPS from HTTP, you can notice a drop in traffic.

Most likely, you didn’t have a good company that understands how they should implement proper transition plans.


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