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Every day, not all products manage to catch the consumer market’s attention over the globe within a short span of time. With the legalization of marijuana and the increasing popularity of hemp, it is no surprise as why many new hemp and CBD startups are popping everywhere.
Many direct to consumer (DTC) brands just started in the growing market by offering their CBD or hemp products. By 2022, the legal CBD market is predicted to be a $22 billion business across the US alone.
Demand for successful hemp marketing is on the rise and there’s no doubt why. Now, it is already a challenge for hemp advertising company to distinguish your CBD business from your competitors.
If you are thinking about how to successfully and legally promote the hemp products, you need an effective technique to market them.

Hemp Became So Popular

How Did Hemp Become So Popular?

CBD advertised as a magical elixir available in pharmaceuticals, dog treats and even bath bombs. Its patrons claim that CBD helps support several problems in the body such as acne, pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Hemp has also caught attention and made a good impression on lot of people.

How Huge Is The Hemp Industry?

The already huge market of hemp is developing quickly- thanks to the growing acceptance of consumers.
Conservative data says by 2022, sales for hemp will collect more than $1.8 billion annually, which is an outstanding jump from sales of roughly $500 million in 2018.
For how many years, experts have also predicted that CBD’s consumer market will soon surpass the whole legal cannabis market.
A closer view shows that CBD industry in the US is actually following in the legal marijuana industry’s steps. This is approximately to be worth more than $23 billion in the half decade or so.
To make it easier for your hemp brand to make a mark and survive the competition, it is mandatory to hire hemp marketing services company.

Huge Hemp Industry

How Difficult It Is To Market Hemp Brands?

In spite of its success in the CBD industry, hemp brands and the entire market are experiencing several difficulties, most of which have to do with consumer confusion, legality, and legislation.

Contradictory And Confusing Laws

It’s not a big mystery that laws referring to hemp products’ sales are confusing, conflicting and of a complicated nature in most situations.
It has influenced lenders, banks and other possible partners to recognize CBD or hemp brands as high-risk businesses.
Of course, it can make it quite challenging for hemp brands to work with an experienced marketing services company.

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Targeting The Right Audience

The legality of CBD or hemp products differ from one state to another. Consumers of CBD can come from different age groups. You need to establish an appropriate targeting technique that may be hard if you don’t have answers to the right queries from the starting.
Who should be your regular customer? Which age group should you target? These are just some of the important questions that the hemp marketing services company must consider before developing a brand and market strategy.
Don’t forget to consider your competition when choosing your targeting method. Keep in mind that some of your competitors may not be CBD oriented.
Finally, popular social media networking platforms don’t allow hemp or CBD online advertising. But there are still ways to bypass these restrictions.


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