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Is empathetic marketing a part of your strategy for 2021?
You should if you haven’t already. Let me explain.

With consumers spending more time on smartphones and social media, marketing agency Los Angeles is trying to keep their brand communication strategy real and relatable.

Empathy-based marketing is a powerful tool for companies to attract new customers and retain existing ones, as it allows them to reflect their humane side.

Empathy in a time of crisis

“If we have optimism, but we don’t have empathy – then it doesn’t matter how much we master the secrets of science, we’re not really solving problems; we’re just working on puzzles.”

– Bill Gates, Founder, Microsoft

What’s Empathetic Marketing?

Empathy is the ability to see situations from another’s point of view – to put yourself in their shoes.
Empathetic marketing involves seeing the world from a user’s perspective. Put the customer at the centre of your marketing strategy and work outwards.
Empathy also means being genuine – you can’t simply create emotional marketing campaigns to manipulate customers.

Why Is Empathy Essential In Marketing?

We’ll discuss how empathy works for a marketing agency Los Angeles. But there are different reasons why it is crucial, especially in 2021 and beyond.

Today, emotion and connection are more important than ever. The way we work and live has changed like we couldn’t have ever imagined.

Empathy Essential In Marketing

There’s no such thing as “business as usual” anymore because consumers have a lot of emotions about the future. This allows marketing campaigns to impact consumer behavior.

We are capable of vastly different types of emotions, from the positive, such as joy, to the negative, such as fear, anger, and sadness (anger, for instance, can motivate us to share content). Campaigns should be designed to elicit and connect with these real emotions.

How To Use Empathy In Marketing?

1. Know Your Audience’s Pain Points

We mentioned the importance of walking in your audience’s shoes to understand what they need right now. It is time to update your buyer personas to reflect the new realities your customers are facing.

2. Adapt To The Audience’s Needs

Knowing what your audience needs from the world and from your brand, you need to adapt your business model.

eBay scaled back fees, made some services free, and improved seller support during the epidemic.
We can learn from this campaign and apply it to our own.

Adapt To The Audience's Needs

3. Capture The Everyday World

Capturing the wonders of everyday life is crucial to using empathy in marketing. The major moments of our lives are on hold for the foreseeable future, so why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of the little moments?

A brand can display empathy by creating content around simple scenarios: the joy of a video call with a loved one, baking a great pie or replicating an outdoor experience inside.

4. Engage Visually And Educate

It may be necessary to use an educational approach if you want to make your content valuable to customers.

Find content that is relevant to your audience by auditing your existing content. It is also possible to update older pieces that might have outdated information but can evoke the right emotions.

We’ve seen a lot of data-focused content shared over the past year. An experienced marketing agency Los Angeles designs content around key data to educate audiences.

5. Interactivity

In the past few years, interactive marketing has taken off in part due to rapidly advancing technology (especially within social media).
Adding interactivity to marketing content is an excellent way to generate empathy in business models in the current global climate.

The consumer has had to give up going out, meeting people, and traveling the world, as we have discussed. Showcasing your brand’s solutions to these problems in your marketing should be a top priority.


6. Use User-Generated Content

Social media marketing has relied heavily on user-generated content for a while now. However, it’s also a powerful tool for building brand connections.
UGC stands out from other marketing strategies because it bridges the gap between brands and customers.

Users generate content for the channels as well as for brand contest. This content is amplified on a business’s website, social media platform, and newsletters.

Additionally, a marketing agency Los Agency taps into users’ networks by showcasing their content. People will be excited to appear on your brand’s platform and will share the post or page with their friends.


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