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It is eminent that you are not happy with your existing site content, as you have landed to this page. However, it is not a bad thing either, as improvement is the key for a successful web presence.

As according to survey reports of Chartbeat, 55% of the visitors spend even less than 15 seconds on the website. So, you have only 15 seconds or even less to hook your visitors to the website. You need perfect content to grab the attention of the visitors. So, the margin of error is very less.

However, prior to fixing the errors, it is important to know what the errors are there in your website content?

It is known to all that web contents are key to get a good ranking in search engines but to change and redesign the content can be a daunting task. Therefore, mere tips are not enough to make a solid content, but you need a process.

Yes, over here, in the next few minutes of your reading you will be able to know to produce content that will hook your audience up to the site.

Set a proper goal

With your capabilities and hard work, you can achieve whatever you want. But what really you want to achieve? Do you figure it out? It means no matter how good the content is, you need to understand the purpose of the website? What really you want to achieve? You need to know how to write SEO content for the website?

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To have a successful content strategy, one needs a defining goal. Let be straight. Every single page has its own contribution to the improvement of the website ranking.

For example, the homepage must have the contents that make the people eager to go deep into the site and look for more relevant information. Whereas a blog must work in order to bring more traffic to the website. Finally, when it comes to your product page, it must encourage visitors to buy.

Writing the contents as mentioned in the above paragraph, will surely to meet your business goals. You must categorize the keywords and tags according to that too. A proper systematic approach will help your site contents to perform better.

Understand the audience

During the research, we found the reason behind the catastrophic failure of the site contents is that most of the site want to put their words in front instead of understanding the audience.

Before you start working on the website content, it is important that you must know who is your audience? Are they Owners of small businesses, common people or any professional? Unless you are understanding your target audience, it difficult as well as unfruitful effort to change the content.

There can be maximum of 30 words in a sentence. A website content should be written on a tone which can be even understandable by 9th-grade student also. Additionally, you must understand that all those who will land to your page may not be technically sound. Therefore, you should take a mixed approach while writing the content.

Remember, the content that understands, addresses and solves the visitors’ problems used to get more clicks than those which are written on their own. Once you will be able to know your target audience, it will be easy to write content for them that suits their purpose.


Content must converse with the audience

While someone is searching for a service or products, they want to know that they are working with a human, not any machine. It is known to all that a good salesman can turn any visitor into a customer through the art of talking. Your website is your salesman, and it requires to talk with the visitors through the content.

Giving the personalized touch to the content makes the reader get a sense of talking to a human. While sharing an experience or event in the first-person narrative makes the reader feel the conversation, the second person narrative makes them take an action.

Your content must ask the question, while it must also give the solution like a friend.

At the end of a section try to let them in quest of something more with a proper suggestive call-to-action (or CTA for short). Words like “Download,” “Share,” “Join,” “Sign Up,” “Learn More” or “Watch” are having more impact on the min of the readers.

Research and more research

Be it for keywords or any topic. It is important that one must do thorough research. A proper keyword or topic helps to communicate with the audience in a great way. When you are researching the keywords, you will be able to know your audience. It is important to know that how to optimize website content for SEO?

topic research

Proper research will allow you to understand the tone and language of the audience. Therefore, when you will write down the content, you will be able to resonate the same tone that will remain relevant for your audience.

In case of editing the existing content, you can simply take the help of the Google Search Console to know for what term your contents are being found. Based on that, you can plan your future content or can edit your existing contents.

For those pages, which are not gaining enough attraction, you can insert new keywords by researching and must let it be crawled by the Google bot.

Update your content on a regular basis

Updating things is an important matter. There are 1.9 billion websites in existence, and more than 3.5 billion Google searches happen every day. Therefore, update the website on a regular basis becomes necessary.

So, how to update website content for SEO? It is not only about the blog section but the overall site too. For example, the information related to a particular social media is probably obsolete now. So, it is better to get rid of that and place something new in that place.

On the contrary, new things are happening every day. One must sort out the important one, and must fill the site with relevant data with importance for the audience.

It is recommended for a running website to edit and restructure the content once at least in a year.

So, what next?

Throughout the post, you have seen that improving the content is a daunting task, and it requires thorough professionalism. Reading bulk of tips won’t going to help you out unless you are taking a proper approach.

Are you interested to know more about the ways to improve content? Please drop us a line to grow your business.