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During global pandemic, digital marketing agency Los Angeles transformed. In fact, it became a solution for necessities and recreation among people confined to their homes.

The COVID-19 situation has proven to be a total disaster for many businesses, but hundreds of others have taken the consequences in stride. Before the pandemic hit, industries already had an online presence.

With nearly 100 percent more online sales globally, businesses and entrepreneurs are realizing that the shift may be more substantial and long-term than they had ever imagined.

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Online Sales

However, Lockdown has affected more than just the internet used for communication. Back in June, the Retail Sales Index time series (DRSI), published dataset that showed internet sales with percentage of total retail sales (ratio).

The increase in online sales from Spring 2020 is impressive. The percentage of internet sales (total retail sales) went up from 18.9% in February 2020 to 32.8% in May 2020, with no signs of slowing down.

COVID-19 Vs. Online Sales

Adjusting Digital Marketing Approaches

As people panicked in the first couple of months during the lockdown, digital marketing agency Los Angeles  firms implemented strategies taking advantage of this crisis to help businesses.
Occasionally, advertising budgets of clients were increased because their products would sell well online and increase their overall revenue.

In other cases, businesses have reduced their online advertising budgets to focus instead on online marketing services. This helps meet their long-term brand awareness objectives.

Digital marketers have been working very hard to ensure businesses have adjusted their digital marketing approaches. They are trying to take advantage of potential online opportunities that lie ahead.

Why should companies seek digital marketing services during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Now, digital agencies have virtual inquiry forms to capture potential inquiries from customers who are not able to meet on-site;
  • Online marketing agencies recommend SEO services Los Angeles now as the most commonly requested digital service, as websites must improve their search engine rankings to take advantage of the increasing customer shopping online;
  • There is now even more advice that can be provided by digital marketing agencies los angeles, such as how much budgets are required for online advertising and how brands can build audiences to maintain customer awareness.

Making Chances To Marketing Approaches

Post COVID Online Trends That Are Here To Stay

Shift In Consumer Behavior

Using Google Trends, you can find out how popular certain search terms are in different regions and languages around the world.

After analyzing thousands of Google Trends retail search data points from 23 different markets across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Google determined that several consumer behaviors have been accelerated as a result of the pandemic:

  • Online shopping is becoming more popular among consumers
  • Consumers carefully consider who they buy from
  • More than ever, consumers expect better value
  • Consumers expect a variety of delivery options for everything
  • Demand for consumer goods will continue to be dynamic

Impact on Consumer Behavior

New Types Of Google Searches

There was a significant increase in skills-based searches throughout the pandemic. As more people were confined to their homes and fewer services were available, more consumers decided to do it themselves.

Increasingly, consumers seek skills to complete everyday tasks at home, such as cooking, decorating, landscaping, grooming, and more.

The following search terms have become more common during the pandemic and are expected to remain so in the future:

  • Knowledge searches like “How to make a robot”, a popular search term in Nigeria.
  • Search terms such as “home gym ideas” are popular in Germany.
  • Searches involving “work from home” such as “comfortable office chair”, a popular search term in France.
  • There are many “well-being” searches in Spain, such as “virtual gym”.
  • The term “games to play with friends” is a popular search term in Spain.
  • Searches related to entertainment, such as “online board games”, are popular in France.

Your business will generate more leads by creating content that caters to the new search behaviors consumers have post-pandemic.

More Online Experiences

In recent months, more consumers have embraced online experiences than ever before.
Thousands of people have taken classes online, visited museums virtually, shopped online, worked out using zoom, hosted online parties, and had countless other online experiences.

COVID accelerated the development of various online experiences, but many consumers have grown to enjoy the convenience and ease of access.

Peek Into Online Experience

Customers and businesses alike will continue to value the digital experience in the future.
Business owners need to pay close attention to how they can best serve their customers online in order to keep up with this new digital trend.

You should start by providing a seamless user experience on your website, ensuring effective communication, and having reliable processes in place.

The COVID-19 crisis was unprecedented and has greatly increased the uptake of digital products, services, tools and so much more. Additionally, it has also had a significant impact on consumer behavior, demands, and expectations.


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