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Hmm…converting leads into customers using email marketing; sounds like a plan, but are you sure you’re up for it? If you think you write good emails, think again. You own a vape company, and creating emails in this niche industry is far from easy.

Google AdWords blocks vape-related terms, and so does social media, and running PPC ads via other banner ad services costs so much with little return on investment (ROI). Your email capabilities will make you the money for your store’s vape marketing needs.

Attracting traffic and generating sales through a direct email means spending little money but gaining a hefty revenue. We will take you through a few ways to help you leverage email marketing to its best for your vape business.

Things to Do With Email Marketing for Your Vape Company

Send Emails with a Purpose

Let’s admit it: When a brand decides to use email marketing to get their attention, and sending them deals is the best way to do it.

Now, here’s the catch. While everybody wants a deal, not everyone will be interested in the same deal. If you have heard of customer behavior segmentation, it plays an integral role by helping you send the right messages to the right customers.

For instance, if you started a sale on watermelon-flavored disposable vapes, you should target customers who have a trend of buying the same flavor.

Design Emails with Intent

Design Emails with Intent

Creating attractive emails is easy with an email editor tool. Most offer drag-and-drop features that allow you to control how you make your emails.

Design with better intent depending on the message and CTA. Use high-quality, appealing images, compelling descriptions, and other elements to create emails that look gorgeous, are easily navigable, and have a responsive design. Adding dynamic personal tags also works like a charm, as they let you communicate with every individual personally.

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Tailor Your Coupons

We believe coupons are perfect for emails, and personalized coupons are double as effective. Tailoring coupons allows you to offer the best deal to your customers based on their habits while drawing a fine line between offering and forcing.

Personalized coupons enable better redemption tracking and prevent coupon abuse, which used to be a common occurrence. Choose an email editor with coupon integration to make the process smooth and effective.

Put Triggers in Place

How do you make your email more effective and your business more productive? Automation, yes! Automate your email workflow; the more you do, the better it will be.

Email services today offer powerful automation features, which streamline funneling your customers to the best segmentation, greatly increasing your future marketing effectiveness.

Put in place triggers for new customers, their birthdays, anniversaries, money spent, etc., to tell them you care and pay attention to their wants.

A/B Testing

How do you determine all of these that you did work like you wanted? A/B testing enables you to test everything, from subject lines to email layouts, to identify what triggers your customers and what does not.

Take the information from your split campaign and use it to make a new campaign, continuing to improve while you see your click-through rate (CTR) soar.


Email is an invaluable resource for vaping marketing. All you need to do is plan, execute, organize, and automate your shop’s email campaigns. If you’re unconfident or feel you may mess up any step of the way, know we’re here to help. As the top vape marketing agency, we ensure you do not fall behind ever.

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