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Online e-commerce sales largely depend on the designing aspects of the website. A statistic points out that 66% of the organization rely on lead generation to increase the sales figures.

The leads are as good as the website produces. Thus, a website must use some quality hacks for vape web design to generate quality leads, which can later be converted to sales.

Before digging deep, another nutcracking fact is here: According to studies, a website has 8 seconds to impress a visitor. Among these, 94% of the judgments are design related. 75% of the users judge the brand based on their website design.

But what are those kickass designing elements? Do you know the design aspects your website must have to encourage the visitors to take the next step: buy or contact?

If you want to increase the sales volume of your vaping business, then fasten your seatbelt to know the secret web designing elements.

The current post evaluates the top vape web design elements that yield the best result.

Incorporating videos

The impact of videos on boosting the conversion is undeniable. 52% of the digital marketing professionals opined that video content gives the best ROI. 93% of marketers believe that videos are the best way to communicate with customers.

For vape websites, videos have great implications. Several vapers used to search “how to”, “review” videos online. Thus, videos can be an effective way to attract customers. Incorporating videos on the landing page builds excitement. Adding the videos on a product page provides visitors with additional details about the product as a vape website design services company mentioned.

While incorporating the videos, try to keep the video short and informative. Videos with 2minute times get the most views.

Color pattern

Even small color changes can make a significant difference in website sales. Changing the CTA button color from red to green can increase sales by 21%. A simple reason for such change is that people suffering from color blindness or deficiency struggle to distinguish between green and red.

Further, color has different implications for male and female customers. However, blue and green are safe colors for targeting both genders.

Easy and simple Navigation


It may sound surprising, but making your home page congested often makes it difficult for the visitors to find what they are looking for. A designer working in one of the reputed vape website design services suggests offering a few products with more text explaining a specific topic often increase the overall sales figure.

It allows the visitor to focus on one or two specific products that they are searching for. You can feature the latest vape devices on the home page.

Forcing a visitor to scroll down often contributes in increasing bounce rate. Thus, creating simple navigation with a minimalistic design surely win the customer for you.

Adding the trust symbols


Gaining the trust of the customers is important. Badges from Yelp, Paypal certification, Visa verified are some trust symbol that encourages the customers to do shopping.  

Further, genuine testimonials often contribute to building the trust factor. Not having such testimonials means you are missing the benefits of it. Testimonials, images of your employees, case studies of the products or services often take a key role in convincing the customers.

You can create video testimonials for your site also. This gives a sense of trust to visitors.

A clear explanation of value proposition 

Why a customer must choose you? The proper explanation for choosing your product or service is called the value proposition. In other words, the value proposition is a one or two liner sentence promoting the value of your product or service.

A good value proposition must feature these qualities:

  • It must explain how the product or service solves the customer’s problem
  • It must describe the benefits of the product or service
  • It must explain why to choose you instead of your competitors

So, you can see that the value proposition can be explained through the designs or words.

Closing Words

Boosting the sales figure is not a magic but a result of sheer calculation. Hacks are not any push-buttons but tactics that marketers need to implement rightly. For getting the desired results, you must incorporate the mentioned factors properly.

Several ways are there for designing a website to optimize conversion. A proper website design communicates with the visitors and put your products or services under the best light possible.

Did you try any of these elements yet? Or, do you want to add more points to the list?

If you are interested in increasing the sales of your vape website, please feel free to contact us.