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You can advertise CBD and hemp products on Facebook if you delete all explicit references to CBD, hemp, or cannabis from your content. Although Facebook does not expressly forbid hemp or CBD in its advertising standards, if you’ve ever tried to run an ad yourself, you know how challenging it can be to be authorized.

Facebook and Instagram have relaxed their policies in 2021, allowing CBD brands to get away with far more.

How can you promote CBD on Facebook?

If you’re ready to go the extra mile, advertising CBD products on Facebook and Instagram is possible. Facebook uses bots to crawl its website and mobile app, reading and indexing every single bit of content submitted, particularly adverts, just like Google does. Your website’s and your advertisement’s keywords will determine whether you remain in the game. Here are three strategies for getting CBD advertising approved:

1. Only Topical CBD

Run an advertisement that directs Facebook users to a page where you sell topical CBD products. Additionally, you might be able to get away with creating landing pages that only highlight edible hemp products.

2. Purchase A Second Domain Name Without CBD In It

You can connect to a different website that doesn’t mention CBD if you want to run a Facebook or Instagram advertisement that points to your non-topical CBD product. Make sure CBD is not listed on the product label if you plan to display product photographs on this second website. It’s acceptable to mention hemp.

3. Highlight A Blog Post Or Product Review On Another Website

You are not required to promote your website. Configure your CBD advertising technique to point to a blog or review website highlighting your CBD oil. Although you won’t be able to sell products on this website directly, you can use it to connect to your own.

Results Can Change

Be aware that there isn’t much consistency in how advertising is accepted and why, so your experience can be different than others. Your advertisement will probably not run for very long or won’t be distributed the way you want it.

You probably won’t be successful in advertising CBD on Facebook if you try to utilize keywords like “CBD,” “hemp,” or “cannabis.” And if it does, Facebook will quickly remove it for breaking its terms of service. It is a sad fact about cannabis social media ads.

While CBD and hemp are widely available offline, including in gas stations, convenience stores, hipster lifestyle shops, and co-op food stores, CBD brands still struggle to be heard online. The online environment can seem perplexing and full of pitfalls. We’re here to help, of course.

Before you start your advertising campaigns, we strongly advise creating a long-term SEO plan and defining your brand.

5 Methods To Advertise CBD Online Free Of Charge

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1. A Reliable Website

A crucial element of your online marketing plan is a strong web presence. The cornerstone for all of your future efforts will be your website. You require more than a hurriedly constructed website overrun with spammy adverts. You need a website that is quick, simple to use, and simple to locate.

Easy to locate? Yes, all internet users, from quick-typing millennials to their slower-typing boomer parents, can readily search for information using this method. When consumers search for your company or items on Google, a solid SEO plan will move your website closer to the top of the results.

2. A Substantial Organic Social Media Following

Creating an organic social media presence and following is essential for advertising CBD products online, even when paid social media advertisements are absent.

When we refer to “social media presence,” we primarily imply engagement and interaction. Being “present” on social media means being active. It involves making frequent posts, regular updates, daily comments, likes, and shares, among other things, to maintain your profile up to date and keep your brand and products in front of people.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing, which is probably already a part of your web strategy, can give you the regular and data-directed messages to your clients that Facebook and Instagram constraints may prevent you from offering.

You can customize messages for specific types of clients using several email marketing systems. Your recipients’ age, geography, the preferred method of communication, and other factors are all up to you. Email newsletters are a fantastic way to develop a brand voice and are particularly effective in running discounts or launching new goods.

4. Video Promotion

Without breathtaking video, what good is a beautiful website? Today, video marketing is the most effective strategy for CBD digital marketing & advertising. It’s a storytelling format that seizes audiences’ attention and draws them close to the essence of your message.

When businesses invest in video, they frequently begin to reap the benefits in terms of views and engagement immediately away.


It makes sense that new CBD businesses are putting a lot of effort into social media since Facebook advertising for CBD is a crucial channel for all CBD businesses. Facebook marketing, or more precisely Facebook advertising, just won’t work for some CBD companies, even while it is viable to advertise CBD on the social media platform.