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SEO ranks as the most dynamic activity in internet marketing currently. It is precisely why you must track SEO campaigns.

This would help you see which keyword variations might improve the indexations, and which ones would improve the rankings.

Again, this one would help you understand which ones actually don’t pay off at all.

Constantly adding content is no doubt great, but what good is it if you don’t know how to track SEO progress?

SEO tracking is the ideal way to avoid stagnation by measuring as well as analyzing how the vape website content would affect the rankings.

Without proper vape shop SEO tracking, you might run the risk of not knowing which optimization strategy would best suit the site that would reduce the chances of rankings over other authoritative websites.

Now that you know slightly about how important it is to track the SEO progress, let us see what type of risks you are susceptible to if you don’t.

Risk Of Not Tracking Seo Progress

Keyword Conversion Rate

The aim of any SEO strategy is for establishing and maintaining the site as a valuable online resource.

As the startup enterprise, you would notice that some keywords won’t really convert. When looking for how to track SEO progress it would help identify areas that you must improve.

Also, it would help you develop an optimization strategy that improves when you put new content. However, when wondering how SEO works, you must know not tracking the progress would leave you restricted.

This means you won’t be able to identify or structure the content based on proper keyword variations. In simple words, if you constantly use keyword research tools, you know finding proper keywords really takes time.

How will you know which one is useful if you don’t vape shop SEO progress?

Organic Traffic Indicator

When you are operating any start-up websites, it would take a lot of helpful and resourceful contents to get you to rank as an authoritative website.

It means that your real bet to attain the status is to attract as much organic traffic as possible. Note, if you fail to measure the SEO campaigns, you would be unable to analyze and identify which of the SEO activities influenced the growth.

When dealing with how to monitor SEO progress, it helps you find the strongest and most influential traffic sources.


Checking Backlink Quality

When your vape website grows, backlinks become too crucial as a kind of vote of confidence for necessary content.

Now, what most vape business owners don’t understand is some backlinks are truly detrimental.

Through proper resources such as SEO spyglass, you would be able to gauge the backlink quality as well as monitor the profiles to know which one’s hurting your site.

These are the main risks of not tracking SEO progress, however, you must know how SEO works.

How To Track And Measure SEO Progress?

Using Google Analytics To Track Metrics

There are numerous important SEO metrics that you must track monthly to keep an eye on what is working and what’s not.

These include the number of pages visited, the time on site, the bounce rate, click rate, etc. The metrics would show you a proper overview of which posts/pages on the vape websites are performing well and why.

You must remember that Google really likes new content and appreciates when you have put the best effort to upload old content.

The vape website is crawled frequently by Google. So, if you feed it regularly with new content, it would automatically benefit the rankings.

Tracking The Rankings With Specific Keyword Phrase

The main aim of SEO specialists is to help gain more traffic. Simply by choosing the right keywords for the article and ensuring you answer the query in the quickest way to actually make this happen.

One of the fastest ways to track rankings is by looking at Google analytics.


Find What Percentage Comes From Organic Search

It may be tempting to blame or celebrate the vape shop SEO efforts every time you have a spike or dip in the traffic. But unless you are actually tracking the organic search traffic, you cannot stay if it is SEO or not.

Just once a month check on the traffic sources would show whether you are losing or gaining proper organic traffic. It is the best indication of whether the SEO efforts are paying off well.

You must pay attention to the Organic Search. You would be getting some traffic through organic search. However, if you are not yet, you would need to work on adding rankable keywords as well as fulfilling user intent with the content.

The goal would be thus, to increase it each month.

Track The Behavior Flow

Have you ever heard of the Behavior Flow? It is a method of tracking provided by Google Analytics. Firstly, it might appear difficult to understand, but it might be really awesome.


When struggling with how to measure SEO progress, you must know that Behavior Flow shows how the users interact with the content. It even gives you a visual representation of the problem areas that you might need to pay attention to.

The Content Funnel

The content funnel is the path users take through your site that makes it to vape shop SEO. It is quite important to keep the audience engaged in your online vape shop by enticing them to click from one post to another. It would lower the bounce rate and signal Google that the content is outstanding and deserves to be ranked high.

Now, a great way to find opportunities is to improve the internal linking strategy and encourage more click-throughs to view the post path. It would also show you which pages users click to next, till they drop off.

Final Thoughts

Using these ways to track and monitor the vape SEO progress, you will be ahead of the game and be able to make all necessary changes ensuring continued success.

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