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Research & Markets report claims that the vape products industry is likely to cross $43 billion with a 15 percent compound annual growth rate. The rise of the vape industry is the result of the adverse effects of smoking and tobacco.

According to vape market research, each year seven million people die because of tobacco and smoking, and vaping is a good alternative for those who wish to quit smoking. Vape products get acceptance due to their no or less tobacco ingredient. It paves the way for better business opportunities all over the world.

But there are some roadblocks when dealing with marketing vape shop online.


How To Sell Something That Doesn’t Allow Marketing?

True, the FDA has strict regulations on marketing your online vape shop. So, to start an online vape shop, you need FDA approval and take each step carefully.

Let us check out what you can do and what you cannot do when marketing your vape store.

First, let’s discuss how to promote tobacco products and how not to promote.

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What Are The Don’ts For Marketing Online Vape Shop?

If you already have a vape shop online, you know promoting tobacco products prohibited by Google on Google Shopping Ads.

What you don’t know probably is that not just Google, promoting tobacco products is prohibited by social media platforms too that includes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. All these have a strict policy.

While Facebook and Instagram don’t allow you to promote tobacco and e-cigarettes, their policy states you cannot promote the sale or use of tobacco products.

Twitter, on the other hand, doesn’t state that you cannot promote e-cigarettes or vape products on their platform, but their policy states you cannot promote tobacco products and brands globally.

It means the amount of traffic gets shut down for vape products. The FDA is specific about promoting vape and tobacco products, and cigarettes are imitating this genre.

However, there are several things a vape marketer can do that can help you promote your vape products online without breaking the rules.


How Can You Market Your Online Vape Shop?

What you can do to promote your vape shop online is higher than what you can’t, thankfully.

Paid vapor advertising is a sure-shot way to marketing your brand, but it isn’t the only one. These give you quick traffic, but we also need to consider the amount you have spent on the ad campaign.

Here are ways you can drive a higher amount of traffic to your online store still by following all rules.


SEO or search engine optimization is one of the oldest types of online vape marketing solutions and also an ever-evolving one.

From keyword stuffing to web content optimizing, SEO has traveled a long way and continues to do so.

Proper techniques have the chance to drive traffic to your vape store online. However, many companies don’t give it enough importance since it is time-taking.

You cannot expect a rush of traffic overnight. SEO takes time. But again, it offers long-term benefits, too.

SEO can take your store to RANK 1 on search engines giving you good traffic.

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Proper Use Of Social Media

As you know by now that vape shop advertising on any social media platform is almost impossible. But you can use these to market your online vape store.

You can create your business page and profiles on all these social media profiles and share posts. Many vape brands are doing it successfully.

Even though you can add a tag to products and link to your store on Instagram, the feature is difficult for vape products.

Instagram collaboration is the best thing to do. A new vape brand can reach thousands of followers of Instagrammers through these collaborations.

Alongside this, YouTube can also be a great source of vape marketing for your store. There are several popular vapers with a superb following who give reviews of products. You can gift them vape devices and ask for a review on their channel.

You can use best online vapor store forum to find what other brands are opting for to reach to their audience.

Finally, vape marketing has several roadblocks. However, it has a vast and community across the globe. As a vape business owner, you need to reach all places where vapers are present.