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The ultimate goal of every commercial website is to become successful by creating a strong online presence. A higher page rank ensures attracting more number of traffic to the website and converting them into sales. This is not at all an easy task and needs much more than a domain name and a basic template. It requires professional creativity and strategies in designing, developing, and marketing the website to make it successful.

In the world of website design and development, responsive web development is a new concept, which is rapidly becoming a necessity due to the ever changing electronic devices, right from tablets to cell phones. With a wide variety of laptops, desktop screen sizes, smart phones, and tablets. So, you need to have a proper web development strategy that would emphasize the design and would automatically adapt to the screen sizes, giving a better interface and user experience.

Responsive web design – what it is

Responsive web design, fairly a new term in web development field, is actually an approach for creating a web page, using images, flexible layouts, and style sheets, so that the viewer of the website would be able to see the correct layout of the web page, without any pixel distortion or without having to pinch the fingers for zooming in and out. This approach is done by using mathematical percentages and x and y coordinates on the webpage grid for the graphics, instead of the conventional fixed-width parameters, developers and designers create a fluid design so that the website can adapt to a wide range of screen displays.

Responsive web design and development

Today, the companies and the businesses consider responsive web design as one of the most complex parts of their web development strategy. As the number of viewers using smart phones is increasing every day than the number of users viewing desktop, you need to create a web portal that would not only be easy to read in an Apple iPhone but in Android powered cell phones and Microsoft Surface tablet as well. If this is not done, then it could lead to a very poor user experience on different pages of your website. For instance, consider a blog page, where your products or services are shown in graphical images. If you still use the old school strategies for design and development of the page, then a user can view it perfectly on the laptop or a desktop but not on a smart phone or tablet. He/she would continuously swipe the finger or pinch in or out every few seconds for seeing the product or reading about a feature.

Significance of website development

The process of website development includes marketing and promoting the website as well. You need to make sure that your website remains attractive to the users and they repeatedly want to visit it. A static and stagnant website becomes too boring. A website that is changing continuously becomes the regular destination of the visitors. You would be gaining traffic and generating a loyal customer base.