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Vaping has gained major traction in recent years, especially in the US. Large number of vape stores and brands are popping up, and you have to walk down the street to get sniff of sweet smelling vapor from passerby’s device.
Now, it is astonishing to think that just ten years ago, it would be rare to see individuals vaping on the street. Vaping has hit the mainstream and industry as a whole look set to continue its worldwide rise.
How exactly did vaping hit the mainstream? The blog explains the way in which digital marketing services helped this vape trend develop, giving consumers the confidence and curiosity to try the devices themselves.

What Is Digital Marketing Exposure?

Tracking back to early 2010s, you might remember seeing some shops selling vape devices. But it wasn’t an industry big enough to host designated shops in city centers selling vape devices and e-juices.
Switch back to 2021, marketing helped bring the trend from the periphery of public life to the center.

Exposure of Digital Marketing

How Does Digital Marketing Help In Product Placement?

In the period of early 2010s you start to see celebrities with vapes. Music videos, Facebook feeds, Instagram posts would slowly feature the devices in the hands of influential individuals.
Of course, this is your classic product placement- but through digital means. As the world is becoming digitalized and people are consuming more media on the tablets and smartphones, product placement is leaving the realm of magazines and is increasingly moving towards an online space.
With the growing popularity of vape, product placement at the right place is important. For this, vape marketing strategies plays a crucial role by guiding vape businesses to increase brand popularity and audience engagement across all social media platforms.

How Does Digital Marketing Innovation Help Vape Businesses?

Digital marketing has played a pivotal role in steering vape businesses ahead through SEO, content marketing, SMO, and more.

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Content marketing

Content marketing is a huge part of running a successful online vape shop. This is because it is illegal to directly pay for the advertising of any e-cigarette products. Instead, vape shop owners use extensive content marketing campaigns to secure increased traffic and visibility.
However, no matter how effective your content marketing strategies turn out to be, without competent on-page SEO, your efforts might be fruitless.


SEO helps by allowing marketers to discover the specific vape related words they need to improve the Google search rankings. These keywords or phrases represent those which potential customers use when browsing the internet.
Similarly, digital marketing services for vaping has been a major boom for the industry. You can check out different sites and see how well they are presented in all variety and colorfulness to vapers eager to try the next big thing.
In general, the average vaper has been a young trend-setting professional looking to live a millennial lifestyle in urban centers. By bearing these profiles, the digital marketing experts have helped grow the vape revolution across the globe.
Digital marketing has played a pivotal role in steering vape businesses ahead through SEO, content marketing, SMO, and more.
Finally, there is no doubt that the impressive rise of vaping is mainly because of digital marketing, in the incisive and smart ways discussed above.

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