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Have you searched for your CBD company on Google or Bing? Did your brand appear in the SERPs? Did it appear on top of the first results page if it did? Do not be disheartened if these questions bring out negative results. We will give you a solution.

It is possible to be unhappy with your ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Not just a cannabis company, every online business today needs search engine optimization. Unless you invested in SEO for CBD, your brand will not rank in relevant search results.

But the problem is that CBD is a niche and complex market, especially because many regulations surround it. Should you be worried? Not when we are here. Read on to get started.

SEO Tips for Your CBD Brand

SEO Tips For CBD

Identify Relevant Keywords to Rank Your Web Pages

SEO is nearly impossible without keywords. Choose the right keywords for your brand to appear in the results when people search for CBD products.

Use keyword research tools, such as Ubersuggest or SEMrush (paid), or Google Keyword Planner (free) to research keywords. You will get many options and choose those you want to use for ranking your web pages.

When checking your options, consider long-tail keywords, those containing three or more words—for instance, the best CBD eCommerce solution.

Long-tail keywords are perfect because they produce qualified leads. Serious searchers use them to find something specific, hence, a clear search intent.

Cleverly insert the chosen keywords into your website without overusing them to avoid keyword stuffing, something search providers despise. But clever placements help your company rank higher in search results and draw authentic traffic.

Optimize the Meta Tags for Better Ranking

We hope you understand the significance of keywords in ranking your brand. Now, take a look at meta tag optimization. Meta tags are integral in improving your rank in search engines.

Google uses these tags to identify the relevancy of your web pages to rank your website in the SERPs. So, what meta tags should you optimize?

Title Tags:

Title tags should be the top of your priority. People see the title tag first when they check the search results. So, create compelling title tags to attract the audience to your website and engage them.

Avoid crossing the 60-character limit to prevent your title tags from getting cut short. Shortened title tags do not look good and can confuse the searcher. If you hire a CBD marketing agency for your content requirements, they will create optimized title tags.

Meta Description:

Although it may not directly affect your search result rankings, it can help determine whether people find your listing relevant and click on them.

The best way to craft a highly functional meta description is to create a summary below the 155-character range and inject the relevant keyword into it.

Header Tags:

These tags are displayed at the top and across the content pages and help organize the content while giving the searchers a preview of what they can expect.

Search engines and searchers use these headers to understand what your page offers. So, optimizing them ensures offering helpful content to the page.

Drive Local Leads by Optimizing Your Local Presence

Build your local presence when doing SEO for CBD because many people search for local companies. Not optimizing for local searches makes you lose a significant section of valuable incoming website traffic. To optimize your local visibility, you should:

Join Google My Business:

Claim your Google Business Profile listing when optimizing your local presence. It will appear in the search results when users conduct local searches.

Claim your business listing and fill it with precise and relevant information. Ensure to verify it with your identity details. Once done, add the necessary information, such as business photos, website links, and operational hours to make it more valuable for your audience.

Add Up-to-date Information:

Multiple directories will display your business information. Usually, people find it through sites like Yelp, hence, they must access updated information.

Also, contradicting information on the listings may tempt Google to suspend your Google Business Profile listing, resulting in a loss of local traffic. So, check all local directories to ensure all your information is accurate.

Final Words

Checking these factors and following the instructions word by word can help with your business’ CBD marketing efforts. Get in touch with professionals for more detailed information.