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Most people browse on their smartphones, and many will click on the first search result that appears. According to a recent study, at least 22% do that.

It means if you want your law firm to be competitive and constantly draw leads with minimal investment, the right way to do this is by making sure the website is at the top of search engine rankings.

It’s when you need an experienced law firm digital marketing company.

Law Firm Marketing 2021- What’s SEO?

All types of work enhance the website’s visibility, and all search engines, excluding paid ads, are known as Search Engine Optimization.
As Google gets nearly 93% of all search traffic, a law firm marketing company focuses mainly on optimizing your website for Google.
Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines use similar algorithms. So, what works for Google, also works for them.

Here are some technical SEO issues that can happen to your site. Moreover, it can negatively affect your marketing strategy and rankings.

Broken Backlinks On External Website

When using content marketing strategies focusing on content creation and distribution, you will get linked and featured on external websites.

Over time, websites change, internal pages may be merged, deleted, or URL changes as part of site architecture update. If not handled well, this can have detrimental effects on marketing efforts.

Tip- with Ahrefs, you can use the broken backlinks report for identifying the culprit. To resolve, set up 301 redirects on the site from broken URLs to new ones if content exists. Consult with a professional law firm digital marketing agency for assistance.

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Similar Or Duplicate Content

Depending on the content management system you are using for the website, it can unintentionally create duplicate content problems. You can access the same content from more than one URL.
However, this can happen if the website doesn’t resolve to one main domain address. Meaning, you must decide whether you will use WWW or not for the website address and HTTP or HTTPS.

If you don’t have a proper website set up to one main URL, the search engine can spot the same content on different URLs. It makes it hard for search engines to decide which version is relevant for that search query.

Tip– SEMRush site audit tool can flag duplicate content to help you find what you need to address through technical SEO.

No Google Search Console

If you don’t have a Google Search Console account, you must know the website at a loss. Google Search Console account is linked to the website providing you with a direct communication line to Google. Consult with the right law firm SEO marketing expert.

The experts must know about all issues that Google may find on your website to resolve them. It includes problems with indexing, structured data as well as AMP.

Tip– set up the website immediately with Google Search Console and submit an XML sitemap.

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SEO For Law Firms- What To Know?

You can increase authority when the law firm website has more and better quality content on a subject. For instance, having a large number of pages, each addressing a different issue.
You can increase authority when you get good clicks. If the law website comes up with queries, and people don’t click. It means they don’t feel like doing it. Ensure you make the website visible and get clicks.

What Are The Red Flags For Law Firm Marketing?

For a law firm digital marketing company, it is natural to offer high-quality SEO services. You may also find some are trying to win over clients with low prices and generate minuscule ROI.
In six months, you still have most of your leads from PPC. It shouldn’t be the case. Paid ads shouldn’t be your primary source of leads.

The law firm SEO marketing company creates content on demand. But this shouldn’t be the case. Good agencies seek frequently asked questions to your industry and develop pages designed to answer those questions.
The quote you get from an agency is way lower than most experienced companies with proven SEO expertise.

Finally, it is best to do your research when scouting for the best law firm marketing services. Invest time and pick the best agency for assistance.

Watch Out for These Red Flags


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