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Social media is surely a fun way for personal use. But when it comes to promoting yourself or your business, the prospect can be quite scary.
The bundle of questions that pop up- what social media platforms should you use to promote your business?
Is social media photography worth it? Will it work for your brand? The purpose of using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn to market your business brings enough challenges.

What’s Special About Social Media Photography?

Getting started with photography services isn’t an overnight process. It involves some learning to manage social platforms professionally and more importantly, posting the necessary quality of content.
Social media promotion backed by professional photography services is a great tool for brands to have a web presence by sharing work, creating better leads and reaching potential clients.

Social Media Photography

Which Social Media Platforms To Use For Maximum Reach?

Before you started on social media marketing, you’ll need to pick platforms. While new ones pop-up and old ones die out all the time, the biggest options for businesses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.
Successful social media photography requires time commitment. Don’t open three accounts, then fail to gain followers because you don’t have enough time or worse, spend all the time on social media marketing with none left to take pictures.

Facebook– popular option because there are many users. You will get more exposure. Facebook is difficult to build followers, however, and not all of the followers see every post.

Twitter– it isn’t an image oriented as other platforms. However, you can still post images fast. Your posts don’t get displayed based on how many likes they get, but chronologically.

Instagram – this platform has been designed just for sharing images. It’s a fun way to share your product images and build up following. You can upload images using an app.

Pinterest – it is built on images. It is a platform for sharing and saving inspirational images. It makes it great for businesses. Almost all social medial experts offer you Pinterest photography services. It is a good option for promoting websites, brands and local businesses.

Social Media Platform For Maximum Reach

How To Customize Images For Social Media?

Have high-quality photography to start

In photography, social media skills are necessary, but it comes down to the quality of photos taken. Experienced photography services ensure you get amazing photos suiting your need.

Make corrections to images

Experienced photography services providing companies know what it takes to offer you high quality photos. They use methods to correct color, light and exposure since the goal is to create breathtaking photographs.

Brand photographs

The reason social media is so popular is because of the ability of others to share posts. Branding photography services encourage using brand imaging somewhere on the photograph, so you your audience knows your brand.

Image resize to meet social media requirement

Social media platforms love to change up the social media image resolution requirements. So, this step is designed to ensure that photos are clipped down to proper size with correct resolution.

Finally, social media is just that, SOCIAL. Don’t bombard everyone’s feed with unrelatable content because you have a good photo. It is best to leave things in the hands of experts.

Customize Images For Social Media


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