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It is quality or nothing. Yes, at TechiEvolve Inc, we live by these words. In today’s world of content marketing, this is the expectation we bring to every piece of content.

Though we have penned down several contents, the cynosure of all eyes involves our content writing services. TechiEvolve Inc has been helping them get vocal about their amazing range of vape products and accessories.

In this hour of cut-throat competition, creating an impeccable product description from the scratch demands a challenge. The team ensures to live by this and deliver something fresh and engaging vape content writing services to the readers and buyers.


Our aim throughout is to write such descriptions so that it would make readers, click, read and buy!

Our Approach

As the leading vape content writing services provider, TechiEvolve Inc has an expert model of in-house vape content creation and product description writing services for lead generation. We use this approach for our esteemed clients.

Content Mapping To Reaching Goals

Product descriptions are of the key top-funnel assets for capturing web traffic and defining the brand. Since most businesses demand to replace their old descriptions with something that grabs attention, we start with off from scratch.

The vaping copywriter ensures that our content writing strategy serves as the entry point to the sales funnel. So, we tend to design the creation process around mapping each asset to meet the goals.

We also utilize several proprietary tools to lay the foundation before putting pen to paper.

Golden Rules Of Writing Product Descriptions- Execution Stages

We followed a detailed process for writing interesting and informative product descriptions, that’s different from the rest and we vouch for this.

With similar descriptions doing the rounds, our vape content writing involves coming up with something absolutely engaging.

We follow the nitty-gritty around how to write product description that sell.

Started Off With An Honest Evaluation

TechiEvolve Inc knows who’s who of the vaping world being associated with the industry. But we conduct our research as and when needed.

The experienced copywriters start off with doing research about the vape manufacturer and the vape products they sell.

The second stage involves identifying customers who would be interested in the products. For instance, pro vapers would search for vape tanks more than first-time vapers.

To produce an impeccable product description, finding the target audience plays a key role. We abide by this.


Improving The Existing Content

References help our writers understand what the manufacturer wants. The writers take out the points they can include and keep it for use as and when needed.

Focused On Product Benefits

The vaping copywriter next focuses on the benefits of the vape products the business deals with. No one will pay attention to a product if they don’t know its purpose.

We know a vape business would be enthusiastic to share all the qualities of the product. Likewise, the vaping copywriter highlights the best features and unique specs.

A product description is a factual statement about that product providing technical information. We write it in a way that tells how the product can benefit the customer’s life.

Use Of Natural Language & Tone

The writers maintain a lucid language, so it sounds like a real conversation that you would have with a fellow vaper.

We don’t use any computer-generated string of words. The contents have no empty adjectives or sweeping claims. TechiEvolve Inc strives to create a helpful description highlighting the benefits.

Easy To Scan Sentences

We definitely don’t ignore the importance of short and crisp sentences. No one wants to read a huge block of sentences.

The description starts off with the most important information on top followed by the extra information at the bottom.

Our copywriters include bullet points, and short paragraphs made up of just a few sentences each.  These make the content eye-catching and grabs audience attention.


Fully Optimized For Search Engines

Optimization begins with keywords that are usually the search terms buyers use when finding the vape product they are shopping for.

For good measure, we place the keyword in the page titles, meta description, image tags, and product description.

Didn’t Ignore Images

Even with a master product description, we offer quality images to go with it.

Almost 63% of customers think a vape product image is more important than the description. TechiEvolve Inc uses quality images for all the key features for the vape product.

The product descriptions are often the touchpoint with prospects and you have just one opportunity to make this interaction count. Our vape content writing services is to propel the brand to the forefront of the industry.

Want to get flawless product descriptions written? Get in touch with us.