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With more than 15 years of history as a micro-blogging platform, Twitter is now one of the most popular social media advertising platforms.

The reason Twitter should be a part of a vape business’ marketing strategy is that it serves multiple purposes: in addition to allowing you to share news and connect with your audience, it also helps with networking and brand awareness.

You need to understand Twitter metrics of your vape brand and make sense of your analytics if you are going to reach your social media goals.

We will discuss the Twitter performance metrics that are essential to your vape social media marketing strategy in this blog.

1. Top Tweets

When analyzing your Twitter metrics, the first question to ask yourself is “What are my top Tweets?””

These are your most popular Tweets (based on engagements or impressions) over a selected period.

A Twitter analytics process that starts with knowing what your most popular Tweets are will provide you with a sense of what your audience wants to see and engage with.

By analyzing your top Tweets for a long period of time – at least a couple of months – you will be able to identify trends and patterns among your audience that can be used to maximize your vape content strategy.

Open your Twitter analytics dashboard from the native app and you will see your top Tweets based on impressions over the last 28 days.

Top Tweets

2. Top Mentions

In addition to keeping track of your top Tweets as part of vape social media marketing, you should also look at your top mentions.

Over the selected period, this Twitter metric will show you the most performing Tweets that mentioned your vape business.

Since Twitter is a networking platform, you should engage with your top mentions, whether they’re positive or negative.

Each mention of your brand increases your visibility and brings you in front of that account’s audience, which can only be beneficial for you.

In the native app’s analytics dashboard, you can find the Twitter top mentions metrics next to your top Tweets for the last 28 days.

Imagine that you want to track your top vape mentions over a long period of time, sorted by the follower count of the mentioning profile.

Top Mentions

3. Impressions

Twitter impressions represent the number of times your Tweets were organically seen by someone over a reporting period.

It is non-unique, which means that a user can see your Tweet more than once and that Tweet will accumulate impressions, even if it comes from the same source.

Another important point to note with this Twitter metric is that just because your Tweet appears in someone’s feed does not necessarily imply that they read it.

Twitter impressions can be deceiving, but they can also give you a good sense of your vape brand’s reputation. This metric, for example, can indicate the potential popularity of a Tweet.


4. Twitter Engagements And Engagement Rate

Engagement is an overview metric that can be measured at both the Tweet level and the level of activity of all Tweets over time.

Twitter defines engagement as the number of interactions a user has with a Tweet.

There are several ways someone can interact with a Tweet, including clicking anywhere on it, Retweeting, replying, following, liking, linking, and expanding the Tweet.

Engagement is one of the most popular metrics in social media because it tells you how likable your brand is to your audience. This metric is often used by vape brands to assess goals related to brand and community engagement.

Twitter Engagements

5. Follower Metrics

Following metrics are usually vanity metrics and shouldn’t be the focus of your vape social media marketing strategy.

Every vape business dreams of having a big audience, but followings don’t necessarily translate into success.

As we explained earlier when we explained essential Twitter engagement metrics, even a large following isn’t worth much if it doesn’t engage with your posts.

Keeping track of your followers is still a good indicator of how your vape brand is viewed.

Follower Metrics


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