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Do you know that 72% of the consumers now only engage with personalized marketing? Moreover, it is expected that more than 50% of online queries will be performed through voice search in 2020. Therefore, it is understandable how these factors will influence digital marketing trends in 2020.

Starting from SEO, social media, marketing automation, to PPC and more – all are included in the digital marketing. PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy than organic visitors as of 2019, and 40% of brands are anxious to increase their PPC budget. The key to success in digital marketing is to stay updated on ever-changing Google and Facebook algorithms.

Are you constantly trying to stay ahead of your competitors? Follow these trends and reach sky high.

Recently Google released a core broad update named the January 2020 Core Update. The key to success in digital marketing is to stay updated on ever-changing Google and Facebook algorithms. Thus, while discussing the top new trends in digital marketing trends in 2020, consider all these important factors.

As the market is changing rapidly, based on the market graph here is the prediction about the upcoming digital marketing trends for 2020.

1. Voice Search

Voice Search 2020

More than 66.4million people in the US use smartphones. Thus, you can imagine the volume of the search that can be one of the mobile. Further, 25% of US adults use Amazon Echo or Google Home.  In addition, 31% of smartphone users worldwide use voice-activated search, like Siri.

Thus, digital marketers can’t overlook this new trend. There are a lot of things one can do to optimize the site for voice search, but the most important will be incorporating long-tail keywords. While people say something, often they use the whole phrase instead of the short words.

2. Shoppable Post

Shoppable Post 2020

60% of Instagram users said that they found new products over Instagram, whereas 70% of 4000 Pinterest users said the same about Pinterest.

Therefore, you see that social media has become a huge part of our daily life. Social media also know it and thus they made it easy for the merchants to sell the products through social media itself.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook made it easy for business owners to create shoppable posts using a native integration. Thus, it becomes easy for the visitors to tag and shop products directly from the post itself.


3. Smarter Ad Bids

Smart Bidding Signals 2020

$103.73B and $67.37B are the ad earnings of Google and Facebook respectively in 2019. Thus, both these tech giants will try to take the competition to the next level by providing the best return on the spend using smarter ad bidding options. This can be one of the major digital industry trends.

Ad bidding is not something new yet both the companies try to present it in a new way. Some of the smart bidding strategies are Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversions, or Enhanced CPC. It depends on the marketer that when they will use it.

4. Interactive Content

Interactive Content Marketing

“Content is the king” and there is no doubt that it will remain. Reports suggest that 91% of buyers hooked to interactive online content and in 2020, the marketers will try to focus on delivering what the client exactly looking for.

Incorporating the AR/VR, 360-degree video, quiz and others are interactive forms of content. These contents are fresh, user-generated and often helps to reach the audience better than other forms. Organizing a quiz or poll to hook the audience to the site is one of the popular upcoming digital media marketing trends.

Further, these contents are more sharable, which helps the brand to get more recognition. Finally, remember that connecting with the audience is important which these types of contents usually do.

5. Use of AR and VR

Use of AR-and VR in 2020

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are both turned into one of the top digital marketing trends in the last few years. However, AR is comparatively little behind than of VR. However, according to the market analysts, AR will outpace VR in 2020 and by 2021.

Different companies are using AR technology. Customers can even see what a particular product will look like even before buying it. Companies selling, furniture, spectacle glasses are often using these interactive methods to offer an enhanced customer experience.

6. Using Multiple Platforms

Social Ads Paid 2020

Marketing and targeting are not limited to only Google and Facebook. However, the majority of marketers still attached to it, but smart marketers already started using multiple platforms.

With the increasing use of social media, marketers are trying to explore platforms such as LinkedIn Ads, Amazon Ads, and Twitter Ads. It offers a variety of targeting options and reach millions of customers worldwide.

In short, marketers will widen the PPC platform in 2020.

Concluding Words

Digital marketing is changing at a fast pace. Thus, predicting anything is difficult but here are some trends that we have found and believe will make a huge difference in 2020.

Apart from these upcoming trends, some other trends such as Chatbots, Video marketing, Position “Zero” in SERP, Influencer marketing will there be too.

Do you think we missed any key points? If yes then please let us know in the comment section. However, if you want to discuss any business prospect, please feel the below form.

Are you constantly trying to stay ahead of your competitors? Follow these trends and reach sky high.