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Do you know that Magento powers 1% of the total websites available on the internet? Probably you are thinking about the significance of that number. But do you know that there are estimated more than 1.5billion websites on the internet? Now you understand what Magento is all about.

There are more than 250,000 e-commerce merchants who use Magento development services. With such a huge market share, Magento always tries to provide a better user experience. Magento is continuously raising its standard and provide the following benefits:

  • Free and flexible
  • Full authority to the hosting service
  • Features exclusively for business needs

Simple implementation complex templates

Before knowing the trends, let’s see why Magento is popular for building e-commerce websites. Adobe Experience Cloud integrates both the digital and physical experiences of the customer for Magento. Besides being an e-commerce platform, Magento works as cloud-based multi-channel solutions such as in-store, retail associate, and management technologies.

Magento provides a cost-effective e-commerce website development platform that suits the needs of all types of business.

In 2019, Magento website development was the second after Shopify in popularity as a website builder. Magento will surely incorporate new things in 2020 to get the top spot. Some of the trends you can expect from Magento design services are mentioned in this current post.

1. AI will be the focus

Artificial Intelligence e-commerce Websites

Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes a significant component of e-commerce websites. Magento is not untouched by this innovative idea. The primary objective of AI is to target customers in the best possible way and know what they want to purchase.

Besides the machine learning, e-commerce is looking for providing personalized experiences, better data analysis for providing the consumers with an advanced browsing experience, and more.

Coming to customer management features, chatbots are the stellar answer from Magento. Chatbots can work 24*7. With the improving AI, chatbots can do wonder, and in 2020 you can expect a better AI experience from Magento.

2. Increased organic searches

Increased organic searches Magento eCommerce website

Several niches don’t support the paid campaigns. Therefore, organic searches and traffic are lifelines for them. However, Magento provides a customer-centric, robust, high performing website building platform that easily attracts traffic from the search engines.

It is because of the smart search feature in Magento UI development, the customers easily find all the Magento websites no matter they follow the eCommerce trends or not! Thus, we can expect Magento will work on this feature more in 2020.

3. Push notification

Push Notification Magento eCommerce website

The primary aim of the e-commerce websites is to get the customers to the site. Push notification helps the websites pull the customers to the site. Push notifications have a great ability to attain an incredible sales figure. You need to shoot a push notification and simply wait. Because of the custom Magento designing, the notification will not go in the inbox or folders or won’t get in the spam box.

Further, one of the best things about push notification is it makes the customer feel special as the special offers are conveyed to the customers through it.

4. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling Magento eCommerce website

In case you are having a clear view of the product inventory, which will expand in the future, you need parallax scrolling. While the main target is all about the user experience, scrolling can be an impressive factor for the size.

The scrolling trend will extemporize the storytelling in a short time to use huge data. Magento helps in doing this.

Parallax scrolling is the website layout which becomes slow while displaying the background web page’ compared to the foreground and creates a 3D effect during scrolling. So, if you are looking for an engaging UX with a fabulous scrolling experience, then this trend is waiting to get implemented.

Therefore, sites developed on Magento development services provide an engaging UX with a smooth scroll. In 2020, it is expected that developers are going to explore this feature more.

5. Live Streaming

Live Streaming Magento eCommerce website

Going live is a very popular feature especially on Facebook and Instagram. Magento has recently found the importance of this feature and started working on it. Adding live videos to your Magento eCommerce website gains a lot of attention, engagement, and fame.

Further, with the help of this feature, one can simply redirect the viewers from social media to your e-commerce store, improving your sales figure. Live streaming has various benefits which Magento is trying to improve to provide to the website builders.

Wrapping Up

Magento can integrate all the market updates. The agility and open-source of Magento platform help the businesses to adapt and improvise online sales.

All the mentioned trends of Magento ecommerce website will definitely make a mark in 2020. In case you are contemplating an e-commerce website, then definitely Magento can be a great help in it.