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Various types of hosting services are offered by reputable design and hosting companies, which are essential for different business requirements. Nowadays, all successful businesses are going for cloud computing, which allows the online companies to use the resources over the internet instead of designing and maintaining their own infrastructure. As per a study by the IDC, nearly fifty percent of the information technology will get transited to the cloud within a decade. Among the industries which heavily rely on data are telecommunications, financial sector, technology, government sector, health care, retail, advertising, energy & data services, and so on. Nearly eighty percent of the companies have been able to do significant savings after moving to the cloud. Around 60 percent businesses in the world are now using cloud based IT for operations. Cloud based hosting services prove beneficial for the companies by bringing immense promises as a valuable resource and as a rising industry as well.

Cloud business solutions

A business can choose from a manifold of cloud solutions, as per its specific needs – private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. Each type comes with specific benefits and features. However, the end result is the same with each type. So, as per your specific business needs, you can select the type of cloud services you want.

  • Hybrid cloud: This type of hosting services is for your business if it prefers the security and has workloads, which are prone to changeability and highly dynamic. If your business operations consist of seasonal data spikes and involve API compatibility, and is in need of a solid network connection. Hybrid cloud can be managed by both external and in-house resources. This mix of public and proud cloud services offer applications when an organization prefers that those should not be made available in a shared environment.
  • Private cloud: If the nature of your business calls for privacy, which needs to meet standards for compliance and security, then this type of hosting services would work for you. Starting from medium sized businesses to established enterprises, private cloud hosting is efficiently applicable for health data companies, businesses with high intellectual property concerns, e-commerce sites which stores credit card data, and organizations that emphasize data autonomy. Private cloud solution can be managed by a private host or a team of in-house IT professionals. It offers complete flexibility and control, enabling commercial organizations to manage their own dedicated data resources within a data center.
  • Public cloud: This type of cloud solution is for the industries, which deal with a significant amount of data without having any major concern for privacy. The commercial organizations that use this solution prefer to opt for a pay-as-you-go service. This type of solution is managed by third party providers. The industries that are using public cloud are those which are involved in development of platform, development of testing, one-off big data projects, training servers, the websites containing public information, and product brochures and description. Public cloud hosting is perfect for applications, services, and storages which are made available publicly, as well as on the shared resources, managed by cloud providers.