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There are no advertising restrictions in place, other than modified risk claims.” – Greg Conley (President American Vaping Association, longtime vaping advocate)

Successful marketing of a product is a challenging task, and your challenge becomes higher when traditional advertising options are not available.

Advertising for vaping is one of such examples where you do not have options of traditional Google ads, Facebook ads, etc. due to the strict regulations of Food and Drugs Administrations. It makes online promotional work more challenging as you need to sharpen your basic marketing strategies.

Vaping business is projected to worth $61 billion dollars by 2025. To have a better hold on such a rapidly growing market, your marketing strategies need to be standout among the competitors. But the question is how?

The current post is all about some of those cost-effective vape marketing strategies which can be used to promote an online vaping business. No matter whether you are an owner of a vape shop, a wholesale dealer, an e-juice manufacturer or device manufacturer – the current post have some of the most useful information for you.

5 Vape Marketing Solutions

How optimizing the web presence of a vaping business can help to achieve more sales?



All online businesses optimize their websites. Your vaping business is not an exception as people are looking for vaping products from different locations. It could be possible that someone out of your town is looking for a vaping shop to buy while passing by your location.

Alternatively, it is also possible that someone in your area is looking for a vape shop. Here is the place where you need to take advantage of the vape shop SEO.

Your aim should be to maximize your web presence in order to gain the attention of the local customers like common vapers or the retail vape business owners. The key to successful vaping marketing is to identify and target the right market.

According to recent google stats, 80% of people look into google before making a purchase decision. Therefore, you can understand the importance of the online presence of the business.

Over here, one must understand there is a basic difference between Local SEO and the Website SEO. However, the basics are the same that is to follow some practices that increase your visibility of the business. You vape marketing agency needs to excel in the implementation of these strategies better than your competitors.

Vape Social media optimization (Vape SMO)


Posting a few images or doing twits is not social media optimization. It is a vast field that you need to explore in order to get the most of the successful vape marketing strategies. Vape SMO includes the use of social media as a powerful tool to create an opinion about your business and drive qualified traffic towards your business. It is a complicated journey of a visitor to become a customer.


Vape Marketing - Vape SMO


Sharing interesting content on social media can earn the trust of the visitors along with establishing yourself as a brand.

With 2.38 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social media platform for your vaping business. Nearly 1.5 billion users daily log in to FB. Having profile and pages thus becomes the most important aspect in order to reach as much as people you can.

You can classify the use of Facebook in two different sections. Using the official Facebook page for posting relevant contents. Keep your page updated with the latest development of your vaping business as the vape social media marketing strategies. You can post information, create polls, games, and several giveaways. It will engage more people to your brand.

The second use is to be part of different vaping groups on Facebook. It is true that you cannot do paid promotion on FB, but FB does not restrict you from talking about vaping. Several groups on FB are there which are area specific. Therefore, it will be easier for you to target your audience. Here are names of some of FB vaping groups

  • Central Florida Vape Group
  • Vapors Lounge
  • Vapers Network

Therefore, you can see how easily you can reach your audience with the right vape marketing channel. However, you must join the group as vaper before you sell. Additionally, the groups will help you to understand the needs of the vapers, and you can showcase your products in that way.

Apart from FB, there is Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. These all can be your weapon to success provide you select the right vape marketing agency for your business.


Blogging: A powerful content marketing strategy for vape business


Though the vaping is not a new concept but the rise of vaping culture is relatively new. Every day several people are starting vaping. They have different queries in their mind. You need to channelize that query into sales by answering those with creative and informative blog posts.


Vape Marketing - Content Strategy


You can do two types of blogging. One is the integrated blog with your site. You can write informative posts related to vaping. These can be about anything like any common queries related to vaping, a product review, comparisons of two or more products or can be something like that.

But for those who don’t have a site? For them, the best platform is to do guest blogging. Several platforms are there where people can write as a guest blogger. The name, phone number website link is generally given at the end your small bio.

Thus, with a powerful content strategy, you can surely achieve the desired marketing goal.

How Reddit forum can help in gaining traffic


It is hard to neglect the power of the forums on the decision-making process. Reddit is one of the strongest forums among them. You can get a subreddit for nearly most of the things. Vaping is not an exception.

The Reddit reviews are not any less than YouTube or Google. Rather in some cases, even more. The forum is categorized, so, it helps you to target the audience in a proper manner, who are sharing the common interest.

A review from a regular Redditor can be a great way of promoting your vaping products.

How Reward program marketing strategy can turn customers into loyal customers?


Don’t you like gifts and rewards? We all like something extra. It is same with your consumers. Rewards can do wonder in converting the visitors into consumers and consumers into loyal consumers. It is important for a successful vape marketing strategies.


Vape Marketing Loyal customers


Rewards make the consumers to come back and to repeat the purchase process. When you are giving special rewards to your consumers, they feel apprised and intent to do more shopping. Additionally, often reward program instigate the consumer to spread the word of mouth.

Word of mouth can be a great channel of vape marketing strategy in the absence of vaping advertising.


Concluding Words


Therefore, through the post, you have gone through the proven vape marketing strategies. These strategies are implemented on several client’ businesses with successful execution.

A vaping business needs a proper marketing strategy to reach the desired goal. As one of the established vape marketing agency, we can assure you nothing less than a complete success. If you have an idea, please feel free to drop us a line.