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Marketers think a lot about social media and it is true. Usually, social media started as a means for friends to connect with one another. However, as times passed, social media has evolved into a broadcasting channel for vape brands to provide personalized, human experience with the customers and audience.

Now, social media are as much about engagement with other people as it is about sharing content. That’s the reason we call it social media. But as vape business owners, have you ever thought about vape social media marketing?

If not, it is time since the competition is surging and in order to survive it, you must have a strong social media presence.

If you are wondering how to do social media marketing for businesses, here are some reasons. Know why social media are so popular for businesses and why your vape business needs it.

Broadcasting Content Results In Low Reach And Referral Traffic

In the last couple of year, organic reach on Facebook has dropped so low that some vape business owners really questioned the viability of organic posting.

In 2017, a survey analyzed 880 million Facebook posts and saw a sharp decline in engagements. Now, it has been linked to perceived push by the social media platform to encourage vape brands to use advertising for boosting the reach.

Again, in another research conducted in 2018, Facebook announced that they would change the post ranking algorithm to prioritize personal posts over brand page post in the News Feed.

The main part of the change is they are using meaningful engagement as the important signal that your vape posts must be prioritized.

In simple words, vaping related posts with more thoughtful and active interaction would definitely get more reach.

People Expect Businesses To Respond On Social Media, Fast


Another factor that you need to consider for vape social media marketing is how well you respond to customers. Yes, this is where to start social media marketing. Both Facebook and Twitter have become prominent places people go to for customer support as well as product inquiry.

Apart from that, you also might have customers visiting your page just to say thank you to your business. No matter what the reason is for such interaction, if you own vape business it is important to be available for your customers, online.

In 2013, an estimated 67% of consumers were found using Twitter and Facebook for customer services. But that was whopping five years ago! With the rise on Facebook Messenger usage, this number is likely to have trended up to over 8 billion messages. How? Well, it rose with messages being exchanged between businesses and people on Messenger alone every month.

Of course, you may not have proper idea about and for that leaving it to the experts is necessary. You must hire an experienced social media marketing company to aid and assist you in the vape business.

Social Media Engagement Generate Loyalty And Increase Word Of Mouth

Have you ever replied to your customer’s posts and have received a note of thanks from them? Didn’t it feel good to see how happy your vaping customers are? Well, using social media marketing you can generate customer loyalty.

There are several data, which suggests, that answering to queries and complaints on social media increases customer advocacy and reduce churn.


As per the latest research, answering complaints on social media can actually increase customer advocacy by 25%.

On the other side, another research found that about 30% of customers who are shunned by brands on social media platforms tend to switch to competitors.

No wonder, there’s cut-throat competition and in order to survive it, you must be available to your customers. More so, the vaping world is highly competitive so you must stay ahead when attending to vapers’ queries and concerns on social media.

In fact, social media experiences have been designed to be public and at the same time easy to share. It creates a compounding impact on positive experiences, as compared to a phone call or email exchanges.

Now that you know about the importance of vape social media marketing and engagement, you must know how to increase customers.

How To Increase Vape Social Media Engagement?

Increasing social media engagement starts with a proper plan.

You might wonder if you really need a plan for something like responding to people on the internet. Honestly, the answer is YES.

A good plan for social media engagement and strategy helps to ensure every engagement on social media are not just useful for your customer, but also helpful for your business.

  • Defining goals– having a proper goal for your social media marketing in case of vaping business is really important. What you wish to accomplish with the strategy depends on what the business offers and what suits you best.

For instance, getting feedback about vape products, finding new leads and nurturing existing leads, providing information that helps move customers from one point to the next, etc.

  • Knowing the audience– good social media engagement needs to be determined before you start typing a clever tweet. That is because you need to get into your customer’s mind before you decide on things. These included posting frequency, social copy, etc.

Wondering why you need vape social media marketing at all? Your vape audience is going to tell what they wish to see from your social media account.

Also, by cutting listening to the customers, you would be able to open up the doors for tons of social media tactics engaging vape customers.

Do you have any social media strategy? Share your thoughts.

Do you have any social media strategy? Share your thoughts.