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Web development trends keep on changing to a greater extent every year.

For decision-makers, it is necessary to be familiar with web development for two reasons. One, to survive the ongoing competition, and two, for sharpening knowledge.

However, to save your time and provide a concentrated piece of information about web development technologies and trends in 2021. We have analyzed the current market demands in different IT industry and made a list.


Are you constantly trying to stay ahead of your competitors? Follow these trends and reach sky high.

1. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are one of the impactful web application technology trends. It leads the world wide web, therefore, making the web browsing experience user-friendly.

In simple words, PWA is the website that offers functionality; and that is available to native apps.

According to recent research, mobiles dominate other devices such as tablets and desktops. And there is a gap between using mobile apps and browsers.

To be precise, apps account for over 80% of the overall time users spend with gadgets.

It is a big difference, and PWAs can change the situation for good by troubleshooting issues that users hate the most.

2. Ubiquitous Push Notification

Push Notification

Push notification is getting more relevant with each passing day. What started as an easy way for prompting internet viewers to do it has become more than that.

It is among the top web programming trends in technologies.

Have you ever gone to any website and somewhere find a small dialogue box requesting consent to send notification?

It is known as a push on the notification. And it’s better for mobile phones and can give you an extra edge in web competition. It is one of the latest web technologies 2021 that you need to consider.

3. Dedicated Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile Friendly Design

Many of us have one or more smartphones that we use, more than our computers. Moreover, this is not something new.

Smartphones and other handheld devices are simple to use and fun.

Now, having a nicely designed website is mandatory so it can attract and appeal to the visitors. Also, the design needs to change from time to time to meet up with the trend.

4. Single Page Website – Target Audience With Limited Content

Mobile Friendly Design

Why when a single-page website can provide you with all advantages that complex websites cannot?

Many companies with skilled technology website developer create single page websites and have a single page one for themselves. People assume these websites as smart, simple, concise, and secure.

Single page websites are the best option for upcoming start-ups in several ways, for example, short on time, content, and cash.

WordPress is one of the powerful platforms for single page websites as it is easy and affordable.

Single page websites boost user engagement, offer easy navigation, works well with images, etc.

So, make sure the web development trends 2021 includes single page websites.

5. Dark Mode Websites Are Ruling

Dark Mode Websites

Dark mode in the mobile app is nothing new. But in websites, it is quite trending and will get accepted by everyone across the industry in the coming years.

After all, the dark mode gives a nice and classy look, and it doesn’t irritate or strain the eyes. People are accepting dark mode since it improves the visibility pattern of colors.

For this reason, the dark mode has made its way to the top web developer trends 2021 that will be helpful for users to stay on the website for a long duration.


Are you constantly trying to stay ahead of your competitors? Follow these trends and reach sky high.