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The majority of toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke are absent in e-cigarette aerosol.” – Wikipedia

Vaping has emerged as one of the most trusted alternatives in recent years of smoking cigarettes. Yet FDA has not approved the vaping as an alternative so, still, you will find ban and restriction on the vaping products and vape store local marketing. Such ban and restrictions make the making promotion of vaping ads difficult. The advertising ban has a far-reaching result like not to showcase the ad on TV, radio, internet.

It is expected that the vaping business will cross more than $61 billion by 2025. However, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity just because you cannot advertise your business through the popular medium of advertisements.

People related to the vaping business always used to stay worried about promoting vaping advertising. No matter if you are a vape business owner, manufacturer, dealer or vape shop owner, the current article consists of information related to vape store local marketing that will surely help you in achieving your desired vaping business goal.

In this current post, we will discuss the strategies through which you can promote your vaping business.

Video Content promotion on YouTube

With the ban on traditional ways of advertising, it becomes important to find alternatives. You have heard of the video promotion for sure. It is true that you cannot promote the ad, but you can share the other videos for sure. Videos such as product review, explaining videos like “How to” can promote your product in a healthy way.

Video Promotion Through YouTube

With more than 50 million channels and daily 30million daily views, YouTube can be a great platform for advertising your vaping products. Most of the search engine including, Google shows videos as a search result for the relevant keywords. Thus, by uploading video, you can do both the things such as increasing awareness about your vaping business, as well as SEO for the vape business site.


Blogging is still one of the strongest mediums for advertising your product. It is no doubt a cheap option for vaping ads than any paid media. Every day more than 3.5billion searches are done on Google. Therefore, you can understand how a good blog on your site can draw the attention of the people towards the site.

Blogging - Best Medium For Advertising

Additionally, the blog helps in increasing the website’ authority. A good DA site has more chance to be on the top of the search engines for the relevant keywords. Blogs with topics like reviewing a product, comparing two different products, news of the vaping industry, how to guides generally have more search volumes.

Here one may ask that in case of not having a dedicated blog what are the options for vape shop advertising? Even in such cases, one can share the articles on the guest blogging websites. Thus, you can advertise your vape shop with the most powerful content.

Conducting Competition

Probably you have noticed that the different organization used conduct competitions on their website. To promote a new product or a device, it can be a great way of advertising. During the competition, different people will visit your website and will leave comments along with their contact details. Thus here, you can be benefitted in two ways. You will advertise the product and got the email ids which can be used for future references.

Additionally, during the competition, you can channelize the visitors to the other available products in your site from the landing page. With the increasing number of browsing, the chance of generating revenue increases more.

Email Marketing

Discussed in the preceding point that when the people will visit your site to participate in the competition, they will leave their email and name. So, you can use the valuable information to send them email later, related to your new product launch, informative news or other advertising purposes.

Email Marketing

Emails with offers are most likely to make the people visit your website. Apart from the list you have, you can buy other information from different data management companies.

Therefore, email marketing can be a great way to advertise your vaping products.

Advertising on the same industry website

It is true that you cannot do vape shop advertising or advertise e-liquid on popular web sites like Google, Facebook, etc. However, apart from these, there are several industry-specific websites where you can advertise your vape products.

If you are thinking about how to advertise vape business, then you need to find websites in your niche which allows ad on their site. Several blogging websites are there, which used to display ads on their site. When the traffic comes to the website for some news or information, there is a chance that they will see your product or they may click on it to visit the product by going on your site.  

The best thing about these websites is that you can advertise on these sites at a much cheaper price than the traditional ads on Google or Facebook.

Vape Magazine

When the other popular mediums are not allowing you to showcase your business, then it is better to create your own medium. Vape magazines are one of such mediums. Vape magazines brought the worldwide vape community together. Vape magazines can help you to reach to a global audience both online and offline. Here are some of the popular vape magazine.

  • Vapun
  • Vape Magazine
  • Vaping Underground
  • iVapeMagazine
  • Vapouround
  • Vapour Magazine

Vape tricksters on Instagram

Influencing marketing can be a great way to promote vaping business. Vape tricksters can help you in this matter. Some of the tricksters have more than millions of followers in their account.

Vape Trickster

If you are a vape business owner, you can contact them to advertise your product. You can also ask them to be your ambassador. Don’t get surprised by hearing the word ambassador. More than 80% of such tricksters only ask for free products in exchange to their reach.

Therefore, it will be a value deal for the vape store local marketing. However, finding them on Instagram can be a challenge. To overcome the challenge, you need to use the right hashtags “#”.

Concluding Words

Therefore, you can see the struggle is there to advertise vape products. However, remember one thing that, it is not only you who is facing the struggle, but others even your competitors are facing the same problems.

To be successful, you need to overcome these barriers. It is no doubt difficult to plan all these on own. You can take the help of vape marketing company, which has a long, and proven experience in promoting vaping advertising and helping the vapor shop business plan.