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Getting approval for your CBD ads on Facebook is possible in 2022. However, it is not easy, and nobody can guarantee successful approval. Facebook rejects most ad campaigns that fail to comply with its policies. But it also approves those that don’t. How the platform functions with automation is confusing. You may be wondering about Instagram. Sadly, since Facebook owns it, the policies are the same for both platforms.

But advertising your brand on social media works effectively for CBD businesses that acquire approval. It helps establish their brand name and boost product sales. While there are different ways to get your social ad campaign approved, some work better. We will shed light on them to help you make better decisions.

Develop a Compliant Landing Page for Approval

It is the most used and risky way to get approval for advertising CBD on Facebook. Create a compliant landing page for initial campaign approval and add links to your website to boost sales later. But if it sounds so easy, what might the problem be? Facebook bots can recrawl the landing page after approval. If that happens, FB will flag your account and remove the ads. So, this method is risky. The only thing you can do is hope it does not happen.

Facebook takes policy violations seriously. It may not take down your page when it removes the ads. However, it may do it on the first go. But we are not certain what makes it tick. If it does, you can raise an appeal and hope it reinstates the page. We do not recommend trying this method if you have spent time and money building an organic audience for your brand on Facebook and Instagram.

Divide Your Ecommerce Website for CBD Creams and Ointments

This CBD advertising method is entirely sales-driven. It is also compliant with the platform’s CBD advertising policies.

While it may sound like good news to you, it is sad to say that, sometimes, Facebook fails to follow its official policies with its bots and, often, automatically rejects the ads.

But appealing takes the case to a human moderator and is mostly approved. Also, the platform may not flag or remove the ad campaigns afterward. However, there is no guarantee that it is always successful. We want to pinpoint one problem. Does your brand specifically deal with CBD topicals? If not, you fail to promote your product line, which decreases your campaign’s order value. But again, it provides increased sales.

Use a Brand-Focused CBD Ad Campaign Without CBD Product References

Every brand that wants to run ads for CBD business wants to avoid conflicts with Facebook. This method is ideal for all those brands with existing email newsletters, programmatic campaigns, or text marketing programs. It can help them boost brand awareness on social media platforms and use the leads to convert to other channels.

To successfully apply this method, keep your landing page informative by focusing on educational blog content and using CTAs to encourage interactions, such as newsletter subscriptions. The only downside to this approach is that you cannot promote or sell products. It will, however, drive awareness and provide you with the means for remarketing. The best part, you do not risk your page or ads being flagged or removed.


CBD digital marketing has made promoting your brand possible on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, the methods are challenging. This blog sheds light on the three most effective ways to advertise your brand on Facebook.