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Facebook advertising is a great way to promote your CBD product if you’re unsure if it will be successful. You should know that it could be difficult to get your CBD ad authorized, and if it isn’t, you might lose access to your account.

If you’re ready to put in the extra effort, you can use Facebook and Instagram to promote your CBD brand. Facebook, like Google, employs bots to read and index all the text on the site or app, including the adverts. How long you stay in the game depends on the keywords you use in your advertisement and on your website.

In this blog, we will be dealing with the topic ‘can you advertise CBD on Facebook?’ and will also suggest a few loopholes to promote your CBD brand on social media.

How to run CBD ads on facebook?

Following are some of the best practices you might try to run CBD advertisements on facebook-

  • Each state must provide its hemp management plan to the federal government for the crop to be legalized for sale under the Farm Bill. It’s important to be aware of your state’s laws because, sadly, not all state legislatures have passed similar legislation.
  • You have the option of making a new account on Facebook if you feel the need to do so. Take off the page any material or marketing that has anything to do with CBD.
  • You should constantly put in the extra effort to earn your customers’ trust. You can accomplish this by conducting tests to ensure the absence of harmful substances, demonstrating the high quality of the CBD, sourcing from within the region, or requiring lab findings that can accurately display the CBD concentrations in your products. This is a smart move now, and it will pay big dividends once CBD is completely legalized.
  • The benefits of CBD products should be presented in the broadest possible terms, and severe medical claims should be avoided at all costs. Yet, if you really must, you can always resort to referencing resources from the U.S. National Library of Medicine or other similar sites for support.

How to promote CBD on Instagram?


Now, let’s move on to another social media platform- Instagram. You might see that the practices of Facebook and Instagram when referring to running CBD ads are quite similar-

  • Provide articles that educate readers without mentioning that you offer CBD.
  • Do not utilize any form of sponsored promotion, ever. You risk having your Instagram account suspended if the company learns that you are marketing CBD.
    Make sure you’re using hashtags that are relevant to your audience.
  • Stream yourself on Instagram and talk about the benefits of natural medicines like Hemp oil.
  • The word ‘hemp’ can be used in Instagram postings.
  • Integrate product-related imagery.
  • Never cater to a specific age range.
  • Don’t ever mention cannabidiol (CBD) online.
  • Provide advice on health, focusing on diseases that CBD has been shown to improve, but don’t mention the compound itself.

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CBD social media marketing

Since its beginnings, social media has revolutionized how companies and their customers communicate. Then, new social platforms and features alter the way people communicate and establish their place in the world.

  • Post regularly

Social media has attracted users of all demographics and interests who share posts that are specifically tailored to certain demographics. Everyone who wants to be heard among the right people on these networks needs to figure out when and how frequently to post.

  • Use influencer marketing

Most CBD brands cannot advertise due to cannabis marketing prohibitions. Your CBD brand must be innovative to employ social media advertising without traditional marketing.
Influencers circumvent these limits. Influencers influence audiences. Many content creators become brand ambassadors. They are only endorsing a product or brand, not promoting the brand or company. Influencer marketing helps cannabis and CBD firms advertise without worrying about marketing laws.

  • Use hashtags/ keywords

Individual social media communities can function autonomously, much like mini-universes. Social media users can locate the information they need more easily if you employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques as you would for a website or blog.
The simple text caption, hashtags, and image alt text are all viable options. You should exercise caution and check the information thoroughly, especially when using hashtags.

  • Post a variety of content

Just like with any other business endeavor, investing heavily in social media content creation is essential to the success of your CBD brand. Sharing only one type of material to inform and engage your target audience isn’t the most effective use of social media, no matter how tempting it may be.

Use alternative media like videos, podcasts, fleeting content like gifs/boomerangs, etc. If you want your CBD brand to generate the kind of interest and attention it deserves, you need to spread the word through a variety of channels.

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