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Hashtags are among the newer elements of social media marketing. They are one of the most effective ways to advertise CBD online on social media. CBD companies can use hashtags effectively to help potential customers find their content on social media.

Explanation of CBD hashtags

Twitter was the first social media platform to use hashtags, followed by Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn.

Using hashtags is easy. Add it to any post using a hash – # followed by a word or phrase (must not have space between words), such as #green, #digitalmarketing.

The appropriate usage of hashtags in a public profile lets people find what they are looking for, even if they are not following your profile.

Importance of Using CBD Hashtags for Reaching the Target Audience

More engagement comes toward your CBD brand when a new audience discovers you. When you have an engaged audience, it works as the best way for social media success. It signifies a healthy relationship between customers.

A single hashtag on a post on Instagram can deliver approximately 12.6% more engagement. Remember to select specific hashtags instead of hashtagging every word you write.

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Types of CBD Hashtags

Branded hashtags:

They help you connect your brand and audience. Creating a hashtag gives the audience the scope to discover additional information about your brand and product, raising brand awareness.

Community hashtags:

These are an effective way to reach the target audience. You can use community hashtags to carry your brand message to like-minded people.

Campaign hashtags:

Campaign hashtags is a marketing strategy that uses a hashtag to improve audience reach and engagement. You can use a hashtag in your campaign-related posts and invite your followers to use the same.

Benefits of Using CBD Hashtags to Reach Target Audience

As mentioned, hashtags are a vital part of your social media strategy. When someone clicks on a hashtag, it takes them to a selection of posts with the specific hashtag. For instance, #digitalmarketingcompany will show you the latest and best posts using the same hashtag. Using hashtags for your CBD brand will:

  • Increase brand visibility
  • Improve audience engagement
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Raise your chances of converting followers into customers

How to Use CBD Hashtags to Reach Your Target Audience?

We recommend starting with branded hashtags and following them up with community hashtags. Instagram has a 30-hashtag limit, but we recommend not using more than five for maximum effectiveness.

Add hashtags at the end of your copy to keep your audience focused on your message and avoid distracting their attention.

  • Research popular CBD hashtags
  • Use niche-specific CBD hashtags
  • Create your own branded CBD hashtags
  • Use relevant hashtags for your target audience
  • Avoid overusing hashtags

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Tips for Effectively Using CBD Hashtags

No social media platform is kind to the cannabis industry. Hence, it is wise to avoid mentioning hemp, CBD, or similar words even in hashtags to avoid account bans. Instead, research platform policies to comply with the guidelines and discover loopholes you can use to your advantage.

One effective way to determine if a specific hashtag is banned is to type # followed by your tag in the search bar; if it doesn’t show itself, it likely is banned.

Here are a few ways to use hashtags, from short tags to using hashtags on all social media platforms.

  • Keep it simple and concise
  • Monitor and analyze your hashtag performance
  • Engage with your audience through hashtags
  • Use hashtags on other social media platforms

Best Practices for Using CBD Hashtags

best practices for using cbd hashtags

The best practices change from time to time. For example, on Instagram, it was once best to use hashtags in the comments rather than the caption. However, the platform later changed it and said a profile must use hashtags in the caption instead of the comments to enable search discovery.

When you use hashtags next, be sure they are:

  • Authentic and genuine
  • Consistent with your branding
  • Relevant content in your hashtags
  • Also, collaborate with influencers to expand your reach


Although all CBD hashtags are not entirely banned or hidden, it is important to use them with caution. Avoid hashtags that use words like cannabis and marijuana because they are entirely shut down.