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When you spend thousands of dollars developing your CBD business website and implementing digital marketing strategies but cannot track the KPIs, how will you measure and improve your performance?

Neglecting Google Analytics is a mistake many hemp businesses make, avoiding which could facilitate better, faster growth. This tool can help you measure and assess the effect of your digital marketing campaigns. It is the most used analytics tool to align data-centric strategies with your goals. With Google Analytics, you can:


  1. Ensure you have consistently accurate marketing data
  2. Set marketing metrics to complement strategic business goals
  3. Create marketing reports to guide you toward improved data-driven decisions

What Marketing Strategies Does Google Analytics Help Inform?

  • Improving SEO content strategy
  • Tracking and reporting website performance KPIs
  • Analyzing audience behaviors and targeting relevantly
  • Measuring and optimizing for faster goal achievement

The Importance of Google Analytics

The Importance of Google Analytics


It is essential for digital marketers because it tells how a website performs, something most platforms cannot. You get insights into performance across different channels that drive traffic to your site, such as email marketing campaigns, social media channels, and referring websites. This data gives insight into the website’s performance, including where traffic comes from or how it can boost your SEO strategies

Without analytics, your investment may go in vain. You have built a website to sell CBD in your area; your CBD digital marketing efforts and budget will be more effective when you are aware of:


  • The common searches people make before visiting your website – it enables you to create the best content strategy aligned with organic CBD SEO
  • The peak hours of the day, the demographics of your visitors and customers, and the devices they use
  • Visitor and customer behavior and their interests, such as whether they want full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolated CBD – it helps target only relevant audiences
  • The buying funnel customers choose – with this knowledge, you can customize customer experience on your website

Why Use Google Analytics?

You can use Google Analytics to measure and report on website data that streamlines making data-informed decisions encompassing their digital marketing strategies. Locating the KPIs and the trends associated with them can help accelerate brand awareness, online presence, traffic, and ROI. Need we say more?

Understanding Your Audience with Google Analytics

Many businesses leave their results to luck. They use the Internet to tell people about their business and pray for their effort to bear fruit someday. However, there is more to it. You need digital marketing, from SEO to PPC, to propel your business to new heights.

Being aware of your audience KPIs and up-to-date with their responsiveness to your marketing campaigns, their behavior as they visit and interact with your website, and the devices they use and where they use them will help you to channel your resources effectively, targeting those likely searching for products and services you offer.

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Measuring and Reporting on Website Performance

Measuring and Reporting on Website Performance

Google Analytics can help enhance your user experience, which, in turn, can help improve leads and sales.

Let’s bring back CBD businesses in the discussion. Many conduct user testing to ensure the products they launch are ideal for their potential customers. During the testing, if the result shows that a particular ingredient takes away from the pleasant experience you seek to offer consumers, will you let it be or fix the problem?

Not considering Google Analytics to measure your website’s performance is similar. You leave your visitors to experience whatever they may – good or bad. Sadly, bad experiences push you back while your competitors run ahead.

Google Analytics is integral to understanding your CRO (conversion rate optimization). Understanding engagement rates and locating how many visitors reached you and through which medium – referral, direct, organic, or paid traffic – and their decisions facilitate a seamless experience to drive users to convert.

Helping Direct Content and SEO Strategy

Google Analytics efficiently identifies which SEO strategy of yours works best for you. You can achieve this by checking your blogs and landing pages. Get insights into what users view the most, what drives engagement duration, and which pages lead to conversion.

Ensuring You Focus and Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Monitoring your Google Analytics helps you keep track of your KPIs. This way, you will have to bother less about the targets you reach by the end of your campaign or the time before setting a new budget. The goals you have achieved will demonstrate your performance.

There is no reason for you to ignore valuable insights. If you are not experienced in SEO for your CBD business or using Google Analytics, you can talk to our experts at TechiEvolve for professional assistance. As we rest it here today, we recommend you leverage this tool to understand what can make your business better.

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