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The simple reason for running an eCommerce website is to make money out of it. It is same with your aping business too. Therefore, your goal should be to make the visitors buy, whenever they land on your website. But why landing pages are important?

Your only shortcut to do that is by having a clickable landing page.

It sounds easy, but making it possible is not a cakewalk. Before digging further, you need to understand what makes the visitors buy from you. That is trust.

96% of visitors are often not ready to buy when they landed on a product page. Most of them used to bounce back from the landing page. So, what makes them buy? It is the trust that makes the buyers make the decision.

However, before knowing how to make the best landing page for your vaping business, you must know what landing page is all about.

What Is a Landing Page?


It is an action-oriented page made to drive the conversion. The only intention of a landing page is to ensure that the visitors take the desired action.

Several people used to get confused between the home page and landing page. The home page of your vaping website is the section through which visitors navigate the other pages. On the contrary, the landing page is made to make the visitor take a call. In other words, it is prepared to boost the conversion rate.

A stat shows it better: Visitors those who landed on a product page view other pages 42% less than those who landed on the landing pages.

So, the importance of having a good landing page for your vaping business is clear.

What Are The Generally Desired Conversions Of A Landing Page?

Landing pages can be prepared for the different desired conversions. However, here are the most desired conversions that companies used to look for.

  • Making a purchase
  • Subscribing to email updates
  • Upgrading to an improved product or higher level of service

With having a clear idea of the landing page, it is the time to know the ways to make it an ROI driven actionable landing pages.

Here are the things that you should keep in mind during designing landing pages for vape website:

Get Rid Of The Site Navigation

If you do not have a landing page that differs from your home page, then what is the need for a separate landing page? Isn’t it a valid question? Remember, that a landing converts nearly double (2.9%) the number of visitors than a normal product page (1.5%).

Therefore, a landing page needs to be standalone from other pages of the website. It should not consist of any navigation bar or any other CTA button than the main action button. You must ensure, once the visitors land on the page, they should only opt for the conversion.

By removing all the distractions, the landing page should only focus 100% on the task for which it has been made. Conversion.

Having A Single Or Multiple CTA?

It is a common question that often marketers are not even sure about. In a home page or product page, you can see multiple CTAs.

However, in case of having multiple CTA in the landing page, can it hamper the page focus?

To answer it can be said that, CTAs in home page has different intention and goals, whereas the latter one has a specific goal. Therefore, even a landing page has more than one CTAs, it will not affect the conversion unless all of them have the same goal. Strategy making is important for landing page of vaping stores as you don’t have other choice than SEO.

With more than one CTA on the page, the chance of getting clicked surely increases.

Design A Prominent CTA Button


The CTA buttons are made for the visitors to take the intended action. However, to make it stronger, the CTAs must be noticeable. Therefore, you should place it in prominent locations.

You can place a CTA in the center or top of your page. Additionally, you can use a contrasting color to make the CTA visible properly. You can also use a changing color pattern for the CTA to give it more prominence.

Make The Landing Page Descriptive

Landing pages are made to make the visitor take a call. Therefore, the page should be more audience-specific and must include a product or service description.

It will make the visitors know about the product or service at a glance. However, you must ensure that the description should not be too small or at the page bottom. It must remain visible.

According to the studies, the conversion can increase by 124% through the incorporation of the product descriptions with images.

Focus On The Customer Viewpoint

While writing the content or designing the vape website landing page, think the way customers think. Depending on the approach of the business that is B2B or B2C, you must set your tone.

The customer must feel the landing page is providing the exact as he was searching in the search engine. SEO will not benefit you unless your content reflects the answer to the query of the search engine.

Remember the landing page design or content is not about the company, but it must show the product or service in a way that resonates with the customers’ query.

Mobile-friendly Landing Pages

Finally, when you are preparing a landing page, you need to keep the mobile users in mind. In 2016, mobile browsing has already crossed the other browsing platforms.

You should create a vertically aligned page & form. You must also format the images along with the videos, which properly fit on the device, and also include clickable buttons.

The mobile optimization of the landing page increases the chance of conversion by multiple numbers of times.

Focus On Conversion

The landing pages are designed with the primary focus of conversion. The prime objective is to attract organic visitors.

One cannot do paid promotion for Vape products. So, all the vape landing pages focus on attracting organic traffic to the site. To make it possible, one should optimize the landing page with heavy SEO tools.

A properly landing page helps the site to rank higher in SERP and to bring a good number of visitors.  

Make The Most Of Your Landing Page

To conclude, one can say that your landing page is a powerful tool that can ensure you a higher revenue for your vaping business.

A properly optimized landing page is an essential part of any sales funnel of any vaping eCommerce business.

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