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I believe by now you have come across something like, you can’t run ads for CBD products on Google and Facebook. So, an important aspect of marketing CBD brands gets disabled for you.

You need to understand this policy of CBD marketing. Since there are people producing non-approved CBD products, there’s lot of misinformation about its benefits and effects of CBD.

But what about brands that are trying to bring CBD oils and products that can help people quit smoking and enjoy vaping.

There are ways you can do marketing without Facebook and Google or any paid hemp oil ads.

Can You Advertise CBD Products Online?

You can’t advertise CBD, CBD oil, or other CBD products online. This means no CBD advertising allowed on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or other social media profiles, yet. But you can look at alternative ways to market and promote CBD online.

Advertise CBD Products Online


How Can Native Advertising Help?


This kind of advertising allows your CBD brand to place sponsored content on third-party websites, usually CPC or CPM basis.

Native CBD advertising refers to hemp oil ads that match the form and function of the site they appear on. The result is natural looking ads that pair well with existing content on the website.


Can You Get Discovered Through SEO?


Search engine optimization is one of the ways to be discovered by people interested in CBD products.
SEO is neither easy nor fast. Of course, you’ll have a wave of leads coming your way for free. Search Engine algorithms change frequently and no one knows all the factors that play a role in how search results are being served.

Off site SEO is based on link building. It means the CBD brand’s ranking is affected by quantity and quality of the websites that link back to you.
On-site SEO is about optimizing elements that exist on the brand’s website. The elements are the ones that search engine crawl to serve the results.

discovered through seo

Pros Of Influencer Marketing For CBD Brands


Content marketing is one of the few viable solutions for CBD brands to create awareness for their products.
If you have no idea on how you can start with using content for CBD marketing, allow me to give you a short outline of the things you have to do.

  • Find keyword opportunities.
  • Write in-depth articles that cover subjects that people really care about (e.g. the benefits of CBD products for people suffering from seizures).
  • Provide free exclusive content in exchange for email addressed- you should start building an email list.
  • Promote the article as hard as you can. Outreach to influencers in the CBD niche, post it in social media, send it to your email list, send it to your friends and family, etc.
  • Repurpose the article into different formats such as videos, infographics, and podcasts.
  • Try to write in other blogs in the CBD industry. This will earn you some great links for your website.

If you manage to be consistent with your content, inevitably your audience will grow.

Are you constantly trying to stay ahead of your competitors? Follow these strategies and reach sky high.

How Influencer Marketing Help

How Influencer Marketing Helps?


With influencer CBD marketing, CBD brands partner with social media influencers in order to reach highly targeted and highly engaged audiences – without the red tape or the risk of getting shut down.

Influencers are known to be some of the earliest adopters and best brand advocates in the holistic health and wellness space – eagerly buying, trying and advocating for amazing all-natural products that help them feel their best.
Working with influencers often generates a better ROI than digital advertising, too. With digital ads, your brand appears in a potential customer’s feed as they scroll through social media.



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