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The hemp industry achieved legalization at the state and federal levels. But the industry is still under strict regulation. Poor online advertising and problems acquiring insurance coverage are two high contributing factors obstructing business growth and profitability in this niche market.

A CBD store faces various challenges in marketing. So, working with a specialist CBD marketing agency often paves the way for success. One of the most effective ways this company can help promote your brand is with influencer marketing. So, how does this marketing tactic work for digital success?

6 Influencer Marketing Methods for Improving Brand Name and Online Sales

6 Influencer Marketing Methods for Improving Brand Name and Online Sales

Target Direct-to-Consumer:

While most CBD marketing tactics swirl around established methods for effectiveness, sometimes, a direct approach makes a brand stand out in front of its target audience.

Noticing your direct engagement efforts, customers may develop an interest in your brand. For the direct-to-consumer strategy, identify your customers’ interests and the driving force behind their choices. Use this knowledge to locate the right digital celebrities who can attract people to your brand.

Think of Long-term Growth:

Using your association with influencers in the digital space helps establish brand awareness, which works like a charm in the long run.

A professional sportsperson or a musician is an ideal choice because they have massive fan followings, and everything they do influences the fans. They can persuade their followers to try your products.

You want sustainable brand growth, so you have to use social media posts, commercials, review videos, and influencer photoshoots with your products to give your brand the push. When their audience knows about your products, you can target them with other marketing strategies to boost sales.

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Short-term Strategies for Better Sales:

If you are working with a CBD digital marketing company, the experts will tell you this – short-term strategies work best for daily results. It may require a different influencer. They may not be mainstream influencers, but they are capable of delivering quick results.

You may have noticed that some social media influencers do not have millions of followers, but their control over their followers’ opinions is solid. Whatever they say affects thousands of people. This influencer type is exactly what can boost your day-to-day CBD sales.

Win-win Affiliate Marketing:

Don’t mistake affiliates for influencers. However, they have an audience you can use to boost your sales. They have a website containing relevant content your target customers like.

You can also leverage digital publications as part of marketing efforts. Seek 360° digital marketing services to make your efforts more impactful.

Expert marketers can select high-performing affiliates who can provide relevant content focusing on your brand or products. It increases the chances of attracting relevant traffic to your brand’s website. Paying affiliates is simple. You only pay them for the website visits you gain through them. Hence, high ROI opportunity.

Get Brand Ambassadors:

Brand ambassadors use effective word of mouth to influence your brand growth. In reality, they are some of your biggest fans and, in fact, some of your most loyal customers.

They are valuable to your brand because they talk about your products and recommend those to not only their followers, big or small, and recommend them to their friends and family.

Scalable Engagement Check:

Influencer marketing drives brand exposure. It is what you pay for. So, you must make the most of it. For this, you must measure your engagement rate.

An influencer may have a massive following. However, if inactive, you cannot access that audience. Your CBD marketing agency actively engages with the influencer and checks the numbers their posts about your brand get on social media.


These six influencer marketing tactics help connect with customers better, growing your CBD business, irrespective of whether you are a product manufacturer, distributor, or retail store owner. You can access the advantages with TechiEvolve. We offer all-around CBD-specific digital solutions. Talk to us today!

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