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It has never been easy to market a cannabis business, offline or online. Consider offline cannabis marketing impossible. While it is nowhere easy online, it is not impossible.

The biggest problem is that popular advertising platforms are unavailable to CBD and cannabis businesses. The reason: cannabis is legal for recreational use in 23 states and counting but illegal at a federal level.

Social media giants have banned cannabis-related promotions to avoid legal problems. So, businesses have shifted their focus anywhere else that helps.

Programmatic advertising has been effective for B2C brands. It enabled them to target their audience where cannabis and CBD are legal. This targeting method resulted in significant industrial growth, with the market value scaling at an all-time high of $43.72 billion in 2022.

For B2B businesses, it has been complicated to advertise to business decision-makers. But it has been changing since LinkedIn became a useful tool. Let’s find out more without further adieu.

What Makes B2B CBD & Cannabis Digital Marketing Difficult?

The biggest reason behind the complexity is the typically foggy regulations of the biggest digital marketing platforms, such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

For instance, Google does not allow you to bid on CBD- or cannabis-related keywords. It only approves a few hemp-based ads, and that too, after a thorough investigation. You can seldom tell what gets prohibited. Some are shut down even after approval. Hence, most businesses hire a digital marketing company to prevent wasting money and time.

It is not easy to advertise on Facebook either. It claims to allow advertising of topical CBD products, but when you ask those brands, they will tell you about the struggle they underwent to get approval for their campaigns. If you want to promote your cannabis brand, you can forget it.

However, you may consult an experienced company specializing in cannabis social media marketing. They may not directly promote products, but they know how to use the platforms to help you get more business.

They may:

● Create landing pages compliant with all regulations and containing relevant information.
● Create subdomains for your ad campaigns to go around restrictions to prevent the platforms from detecting CBD and cannabis products on your website.
● Create ad campaigns, especially for establishing your brand name.

There is no reputable company that guarantees their strategies work 100%. It often takes trying and testing to understand the current algorithm advertisement platforms use to allow or prevent promotions. The only difference between a specialist company and an amateur is that the former avoids repeating mistakes, which is a big feat.

How Does LinkedIn Help B2B Businesses Connect?

How Does LinkedIn Help B2B Businesses Connect?

First of all, LinkedIn does not impose vague guidelines like the platforms above. You can use it effectively for increased reach and engagement. It has approximately 930 million members worldwide and is the largest networking hub for business professionals. Need we say more?
LinkedIn has a CBD and cannabis job title and job function targeting function, which should make it a quick choice for you to reach and engage business owners and decision-makers. Using it as part of your B2B marketing plan, you can use audience segments to target company names and connections, such as packaging companies, CBD wholesalers, and CBD stores.

Researching on LinkedIn takes a few minutes to locate audiences suitable for your targeting. For example, you get the capability to market your latest e-juice or e-cigarette to business owners and decision-makers directly, such as wholesalers and retailers or even licensed medical professionals.

You can do all that without creating ads without your message for search engines or social media platforms.

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How Else Can You Target CBD and Cannabis Businesses?

LinkedIn is perfect for B2B CBD and cannabis ads for now. With the misconception surrounding cannabis decreasing, more states are likely to legalize recreational use, and platforms will impose less strict regulations and marketing policies.

Apart from LinkedIn, you may use programmatic media, such as different websites that allow promoting CBD and cannabis in full compliance. You can also hire a CBD social media marketing agency to help you promote your brand across Facebook, Instagram, and others in a compliant fashion by intricately crafting informative content.

If you are unsure where to start, speak to our experts at TechiEvolve and discover some of the most effective solutions to your cannabis advertising challenges.

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