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Marketing Tactics E-Cigarette Ad Campaign Use To Target Youth. From diverse flavors to famous social media influencers, promoting vape, e-cig ads have done everything legally possible to target youth.

Various federal restrictions are in place to prevent the traditional advertising of e-cigarettes and related products. Some laws prohibit using mascots on product labels, so avoid attracting children’s attention.

But it has become increasingly popular among teens in recent years. Approximately 82.9% of teens and young adults use flavored e-cigarettes.

Recent data shows about 800,000 teens vaped for the first time in 2021, which is a large number and signifies the popularity of vaping among teens. How did vaping get so big in such a short time?

One of the main reasons is the marketing tactics e-cigarette ad campaigns use. These cleverly thought-out tactics have proven highly beneficial for vape brands. We will look into these strategies here.

Let’s start of Marketing Tactics E-Cigarette Ad Campaign Use To Target Youth by talking about flavors

Tobacco companies have used flavors to appeal to young people for years. For instance, in 1995, the Marlboro County ad advertised flavored cigarettes.

So, flavors are nothing new as a marketing tactic. Here is another study to highlight the attractiveness of flavored vapes. More than 10% of teens said they vape to look cool.

This 2020 study shows that 82.9% of vapers used flavored e-cigarettes, including 84.7% of high schoolers and 73.8% of middle schoolers.

Unique and mouth-watering flavors like menthol, mango, strawberry, bubblegum, and dozens of others attract teens, especially those who want to avoid the not-so-nice smell of tobacco cigarettes.

Marketing Tactics E-Cigarette Ad Campaign Use To Target Youth: Using an emotional appeal

There have many several studies on the content e-cig ads use. They discovered over 40 youth-appealing elements. They include features that appeal to the youth with a strong emotional appeal.

Here is what the studied video ads showed – 68% of them used happiness, 87% discussed the benefits of e-cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes, 40% mentioned health, 41% used friendship, 24% used success, and another 24% used sex.

Tugging at someone’s emotional chords influences their mindset if not fully convert it.

So, we can say that using different emotions played an integral part in raising the popularity of vaping.

Creating a social media buzz

Since most promotional methods have restrictions, social media became the biggest platform for vape brands. You will find various posts on timelines reappearing from time to time.

Not too long ago, the most controversial e-cigarette brand, JUUL, used somewhere near $1 million to promote their products on the Internet.

It paid for its e-cigarette ad campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Its strategy was to associate the brand name with being sassy and having fun.

Not to mention, it worked and attracted a massive audience.

Marketing Tactics E-Cigarette Ad Campaign Use To Target Youth: Offering scholarships to students

It must have immediately grabbed your attention; it had a similar effect when we found out. Although it is not a strategy vape brands can or should try, it worked when it first took place.

A few years ago, some vape brands offered scholarships to students who would write essays on the potential benefits of vaping. It helped get their brands listed on university websites.

Some of these scholarships had an age restriction of 18 years, but others were intended for all. Quite simply, these essays written by kids required researching the wellness benefits of e-cigarettes.

Since their minds are young and open to ideas, they are easily manipulated.

Some companies offering these scholarships reserved the right to use the responses for more than scholarship selection, including for their marketing strategies.


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