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Abdul Gaffar Paik

Abdul Gaffar Paik

As the Development Director, Abdul Gaffar Paik focuses on overseeing a project from conception to implementation, designing and developing web architecture, and providing guidance on technical issues. He deals with developing front-end and back-end web architecture and stays up to date with industry developments. With 17 years of industry experience, he guides project team development efforts towards successful project delivery. As an experienced logical thinker with analytical skills, he guides his team throughout the development process ensuring successful project completion.

Favourite Quote

“We don’t just build websites; we build websites that SELL”.

A Visionary & A True Leader

He oversees continuous Quality Control of web and software development projects to ensure that throughout the technical architecture, development and QA process, quality is always kept at optimal levels.

Ensure that projects delivered align with the business and technical requirements set forth at the onset of the project. Proven ability to understand highly technical applications and concepts. Analyze and report on project metrics, e.g., hours expended vs. hours estimated, project progress, risk and issues. Daily communication with various teams, senior management and marketing teams for direction, strategy, and priority. He aims to drive the technical architecture and assemble and lead a team of developers to build, continually enhance, and support the company’s development needs.

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