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Somdutta Das

Somdutta Das

As a HR Manager, Somdutta has 8 years of experience in the domain and works to carry out the daily activities of the Human Resource Office including oversight of recruitment, total compensation, and training and development. Additionally, she focuses on delivering HR services that meet or exceed the needs of employees and enable business success; as well as ensures compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and operating procedures. She conducts interviews and hires employees as needed. Establishes and maintains contact with external recruitment sources.

Favourite Quote

“The right people at the right time, is so much more than a process.”

A Visionary & A True Leader

Somdutta oversees or monitors candidate identification and selection process. Ensures employees are cross-trained to support successful daily operations. She deals with administration work and vendor management and conducts payroll management.

Uses all available on the job training tools for employees; supervise on-going training initiatives and conducts training, when appropriate. Ensures coordination and facilitation of new hire orientation program to generate a positive first impression for employees and emphasize the importance of guest service in company culture. Collaborates with management team to ensure departmental orientation processes are in place and employees receive the appropriate training to successfully perform their job. Prior to TechiEvolve, Somdutta has completed her MBA and has worked for top-tier companies to offer human resource managerial services.

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