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CBD has been gaining momentum over the years. More entrepreneurs enter the market to meet the increasing demand. Brands offer diverse products that customers can choose from, whether edibles, topicals, smokables, or pet care.

Since competition is heavy, you should employ strategies to separate your brand from others. Focus on improving brand recognition to avoid sinking in the storm. Using CBD marketing strategies can help bring you success. Your business can stand out using influencer marketing and public relations.

But how does this benefit a CBD brand? Let’s find out!

The CBD Market

CBD is a potent, active, and non-psychotropic cannabinoid in cannabis and hemp plants. It has promising properties to aid various bodily functions. According to research, it may have therapeutic effects that help against stress, insomnia, anxiety, neuropathic pain, and multiple sclerosis.

This market has faced many ups and downs with the advent of various phytocannabinoids. However, it has been an age-old component in medicinal regimes across cultures. People have also used it for recreational purposes, clothing, and rituals.

It did not get scientific ground in its early days. Various medical communities rejected it as a medicinal agent, and CBD became a controlled substance in 1970. All its strains became illegal drugs.

However, with the 2018 Farm Bill, how people saw CBD changed. It decriminalized hemp-derived CBD for research purposes. The new changes are as follows:


  • Allowed large-scale hemp cultivation
  • Hemp containing no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight is legal. So, CBD derived from these plants is legal, too
  • Personal or commercial usage of hemp-infused products is allowed
  • Permitted sales, possession, and transportation of hemp-infused products


Since the FDA approved hemp extracts with less than 0.3% THC, CBD sales boomed.

Statistics show that the CBD market revenue may increase by USD 23,023.51 million between 2022 and 2027.

How PR and Influencer Marketing Benefits Your CBD Business

How PR and Influencer Marketing Benefits Your CBD Business

Although the new regulations offered CBD businesses breathing space, they are still in a grey area in marketing. So, do it yourself or hire an online marketing services company to leverage influencers and public relations. These are marketing tools that work together to help establish your brand voice.

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Public Relations

Collaborate with a public relations team to help you build your brand organically by spreading the word. They can achieve it by publicizing your business by providing informative, original content to people.

They can run promotions in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and news channels. Professional public relations experts can tell a story that creates excitement and intrigues the media to write about your services. It helps earn third-party validation and audience trust. Here is how they can help:



  • Conduct a market analysis to help discern your market position
  • Educate the audience about CBD and the benefits it offers
  • Build customer trust
  • Create brand recognition for your business
  • Establish your brand’s credibility as an industry expert
  • Manage internal and external crises



Influencer Marketing

Many cannabis brands use influencer marketing strategies to reach and communicate with prospects. It helps enhance brand awareness to earn more revenue.

This strategy involves working with a social media influencer to promote products. The cannabis market uses influencers to earn customer trust without non-compliance, compared to conventional advertising. Influencer marketing is effective because this generation uses CBD and social media the most.

So, new-age customers add value to your business while allowing access to a profitable audience. Additionally, influencers can build trust for your business among their followers.

Final Words

Invest in PR and influencer marketing for your CBD brand. If you are confused about where to start, seek professional ecommerce marketing solutions to give your brand the boost it needs. They have years of expertise and hundreds of contacts to provide you with what your brand needs.

Carefully selected influencers specializing in the CBD industry and working with a public relations team can work like a charm.

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