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Marketing niche industries has never been easy; to top it, like vape and CBD marketing face constant scrutiny and criticism. It is not easy to promote them through word of mouth, let alone through social media.

Both industries have become mainstream. But networking giants Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter prohibit their promotion.

The 2018 US Farm Bill allowed a little bit of regulation steepness reduction, but constraints persist, and these industries continue to face hardships, especially the dry herb sector.

Facebook lifted its first CBD ban and enabled companies to post ads for topicals. But it is still harsh on eatables, investigating domains, and blocking ads that redirect to a landing page. As for vape, it is still under its tobacco and nicotine radar.

So, how can a business conduct vape and CBD social media marketing amidst such a controlled environment with stringent regulations? The catch lies in the grey area. Let’s dive deeper.

Scope to Bypass Social Media Regulations

Organic promotion in social media for CBD and Vape industry

We will give you an example to help understand it better. Facebook and Instagram have the same advertising policies that forbid cannabis promotion, yet these platforms have more than enough CBD-related activities.

Similarly, YouTube’s policies prevent paid advertising of vape and cannabis, but there are plenty of promotional videos by product reviewers.

However, Pinterest strictly prohibits using and selling recreational or illegal drugs. You cannot post informational material about their legalization or use.

The best way to get by most platforms with lesser restrictions is through organic content that indirectly promotes vape and CBD.

Dodging the Limitations for Vape and CBD Social Media Marketing

You can be certain about one thing – there is no chance for paid social media ads if you deal with vape and CBD products. So, all you can do is go for organic promotions. Here is how.

Facebook Groups

You may not pay for advertising vape and CBD on FB, so why not promote it for free? You need to engage your followers and make regular informative posts.

For this, you will need to create a group. You can hire a social media company in Los Angeles to do this and keep your followers engaged.

These groups are highly effective for lead generation and engagement and often bring referral traffic. Avoid directing users to a product page to prevent bans. Instead, take them to an informative article.

When done properly and the engagement rate is maintained, Facebook groups acquire direct leads and sales.

Content Marketing For Vape and CBD Social Media Marketing

One of the often overlooked ways to increase your vape or CBD business is to use content marketing. You can attract new customers and retain existing ones. By doing it right, you will build credibility and customer loyalty.

Start by identifying your target audience and follow it up by creating appealing content that addresses their needs. Then, determine the kind of content you want to make – videos, articles, infographics, or others.

Share your creation on social media or send them in your email newsletter. You can also choose to run ads on well-known blogs and websites.

Email Marketing

Old is gold, and email marketing is the best example of this. You can acquire emails from your Facebook group users or through a newsletter opt-in page on your blog and website. For your emails to work, you should:

  • Have a well-designed email newsletter template for a professional look
  • Segment the email list to send targeted messages to different audiences
  • Add a compelling call-to-action in every email, such as Sign Up or Buy Now

Just avoid buying an email list. Build it yourself. It helps with brand equity and ensures you only connect with potential customers.


As you can see, it is not impossible to use social media to boost your vape or CBD brand. All you need to do is understand their regulations and how you can work around them. Consult with an expert in social media management in California to help make improved decisions.