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Despite the fearful news of a possible recession, we expect the vape industry to grow. Although the industry is relatively new, government and social media regulations make marketing difficult. With the top channels making marketing complex, what chances does a vape brand have? They need effective vape marketing strategies.

This blog sheds light on four marketing strategies you can use if you want to boost your vape brand.

Strategy #1: Emphasize Your Website

Assuming you own an online vape store, consider its appearance and user experience your brand’s skin and bone.

Your website must have a professional look. For instance, a visitor should see a pop-up that verifies the legal vaping age. Your products must not cater to minors, even if you have child-friendly flavors.

Having a professional website also means you should avoid building one using Wix because it has W3C compliance issues. You have many better options, such as WordPress. It offers a clean theme that boosts page speed and performance.

Optimize image size if you have decided to focus on the website and discovered it has a loading speed even you would hate as a visitor. Compressing images to optimal size can enhance loading speed. However, since customers like to see the products they want to buy, ensure the pictures are high-quality.

Strategy #2: Try Pull Promotional Strategy

You must be familiar with the strict regulations on using vape ads on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Although vaping and smoking are different, their policy covers both.

It states – “Content that promotes the use of certain regulated products, such as tobacco or vaping products, adult products and services, or pharmaceutical drugs are deemed sensitive and will be removed”.

But can you not use them to promote your vape business? Maybe not directly, but you most certainly can. All you have to do is be clever with your strategies. For example, use professional vape marketing solutions and bypass ad regulations with cleverly crafted content.

Try pull marketing instead of push marketing. It benefits vape businesses by improving product appeal and encouraging people to post brand-related content. One mainstream example is organizing giveaways and loyalty programs. If you give a free product to an influencer for review, they can indirectly promote your product or brand on their social media content.

Strategy #3: Take Advantage of Marketing Data

Apart from influencer programs, using content marketing can bring your website plenty of traffic. But do people usually buy from a website on their first visit? Rarely. But they are likely potential customers.

However, since advertising options for vape brands are limited, we recommend manually following the process.

If your vape branding agency has the required experience, they can collect the data to promote each product through direct mail. Some email providers let you collect visitor details with ease. You can use email marketing to increase customer awareness. But ensure that your emails comply with vaping regulations.

Strategy #4: Register with Directories

Since vaping has gained popularity over the years, many platforms dealing with vapers are perfect for investing your marketing efforts.

Whether you sell e-juice, e-cigarettes, or both, your brand can use display ads and different programs on these websites. They usually have dedicated software to schedule and post these ads on vape-related websites.

Most vapers acquire information from credible sources. Providing them with enough content and answering their queries is an efficient way to establish authority. Post product reviews, updates on the newest releases and changing legal requirements, etc. on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and others for users to learn from and share with fellow vapers.

Additionally, create inbound links to your website through your content to drive visitors from educational articles to your products. You will need to spend time and money to create quality content. But it will prove to be highly beneficial.

Final Words

Marketing vape products is complex, but knowing the strategies simplifies the complications. If you use appropriate vape marketing solutions, evaluating your marketing efforts can help you achieve your goals faster.