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Every business requires significant ROI, but is it easy to achieve? It is exactly what we will be discussing today.

Let’s admit it; content is perhaps the most effective way to reach and engage your audience. Have you ever wondered why platforms like Instagram and Facebook are at the top of everything? Content is the answer, and content marketing is the key.

It is not powerful enough without a proper vape content marketing plan, a strategy that could leverage Google Trends. It is a crucial tool you can use to find out trending topics. All you need is to track the number of searches done on a topic you are focused on.

We can understand this better by checking out a few of all the ways Google Trends can help make better content.

It Discovers Trending Topics Relevant to You

Whatever your expertise may be, it has never been easy to create or identify fresh topics to create content that the audience will engage with. Google Trends enables inputting the data meaning and content using visual charts. These charts present the data effectively, facilitating the comparison of similar terms, locating what interests specific demography, and related queries you can use.

Get relevant topics to create content about, which can assist you in attracting more vapers. Visit the dashboard and locate trending stores. The filters can help pinpoint the appropriate category your target audience is interested in. What should your topics be like?

  • They must be business-relevant
  • They must be target audience-relevant
  • They must be part of your knowledge base

It Facilitates Better Keyword Research

vape content marketing plan

So, you can create readable and engaging content, or you may have hired a content specialist who does it better. But attractive content alone is not enough.

Each content you create requires technical search engine optimization to affect your website’s reputation. It is true not only for vape brands but all sorts of companies.

The dashboard in this application has the Explore button at the top. It lets you type in search terms relevant to your business and find out which are most searched by Internet users.

Your job becomes easy upon learning what people have been searching for. Why so?

  • Your content gets a better chance of being discovered when you inject them with the most-searched keywords. Yes, such keywords may be competitive, but as long as your content is relevant to them, you need not worry.
  • These keywords can encourage conversions. However, remember that people do not bother about keywords (most don’t even know what “keyword” means) when searching online. So, seek terms used often in common language and encompass your content around the same in the same tone to make the impact greater.

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It Enables Creating a Content Calendar

Content marketing experts take content calendars seriously. Schedule your posts and release the right content at the right time. You could do that using an Excel sheet, no? But Google Trends beats the old-school technique by miles, providing the data that can tell you the post types attracting the most interest around them.

Since you will post about vaping, you can discover the best time to publish your content. The application determines the perfect time to publish your post. You will waste your time and efforts by publishing valuable content when nobody is there to read them. Put your keywords in the app and make your content calendar.

It Boosts Your Branding Efforts

Google Trends lets you understand your position compared to your competitors. Once you know where you stand, your decisions will be better because you can also locate the areas you need to work on to improve your business.

Input the country, search periods, and web searches to know which vape brands get the most searches. It may work better for established brands, but a startup, too, can use the feature by choosing the local region.

The program gives you access to real-time search data, something you can take advantage of. For instance, a Vape Champs Show or a similar mega event experiences a massive search surge, the perfect time to get hold of high-performing keywords. Create content surrounding them and get the boost you’ve been waiting for.

It Lets You Research Local Shopping Trends

How can we forget this unique advantage of Google Trends? Check out the data related to users’ purchasing intents for different product searches.

For instance, you can make a search with the intent to discover which products people are interested in. Since you will only look for a vaper’s intent, all you need to know is the kind of products they seek.

This feature allows you to understand your market and your customers’ choices. With this information in hand, you can discern content marketing opportunities and put your focus where it matters.


Google Trends features many crucial elements you can take advantage of to identify valuable things about your content. Don’t hesitate because this tool is free and user-friendly. Make your vape content marketing plan twice as effective starting today!

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