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The CBD industry has no seamless Instagram marketing opportunities, even though it has been expanding. The primary cause is the uncertainty surrounding its legal or criminal status. You must first determine whether you can advertise CBD on Instagram, and for that, you must be aware of the privacy regulations if you wish to promote CBD products there. Instagram allows ads for CBD business if they meet its requirements.

Its privacy statement is unclear; nowhere does it mention that it restricts advertising CBD products or that accounts posting content selling CBD products will be banned.

You may have noticed advertisements for CBD products on Instagram. The accounts posting the advertising are occasionally banned, and they receive a warning for violating the privacy statement, and sometimes, Instagram does not respond to CBD adverts.

It is the reason you might be perplexed if you want to run CBD marketing on Instagram. So, this raises the following query in your mind:

How Can CBD Products Be Promoted on Instagram?

how can cbd products be promoted on instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks. Therefore, publishing an advertisement on Instagram can help your business. But “how” becomes a concern after reading the privacy statement.

Research the kind of advertising that can cause an account ban and the types of ads for which Instagram does not display a response and why. But let us save you the trouble and do the research for you. Here is what you will find.

Instagram account blocking may result from adverts targeting teens while mentioning the word CBD. If your account merely mentions CBD and does not specify an audience, you will receive a notice for violating the privacy policy.

Contrarily, advertisements that do not specifically target any audience and mention hemp rather than CBD are harmless. As a result, Instagram does not respond to these kinds of advertisements.

It is now obvious that the reason for this is related to the place where CBD was harvested. There are two ways: one uses hemp plants, and the other the marijuana plant. The 2018 Farm Bill states that CBD from hemp plants is permitted while CBD from marijuana plants is prohibited.

The source of CBD is the cause of all issues. Remember to mention the hemp plant when marketing your CBD products on Instagram.

The information in this guide will show you how to promote your CBD goods on Instagram without breaking its privacy policies or being banned.

  • Make use of free advertisements
  • Republish pertinent content
  • Post CBD-related posts on Instagram
  • Employ influencers
  • Do not be shy

Use Non-Paid Advertising

There are two methods for using non-paid Instagram advertising. The first technique is to tag people and contribute Instagram story content about your CBD products. You can tag 10 people at once. Use the term hemp product rather than CBD product, and avoid specifically targeting teenagers.

Using hashtags in your Instagram story is the second strategy. It is a brand-new Instagram feature. Any visitors searching for CBD products on Instagram are redirected to your story by using hashtags relating to your CBD items and the points of sale.

The most crucial thing is to ensure that the content you upload to your Instagram story does not explicitly indicate that you are a CBD product vendor.

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Resharing Relevant Instagram Content

When something continually passes in front of your eyes, it naturally attracts your attention. So, you can employ this tactic when marketing your CBD goods on Instagram.

Share articles pertinent to your CBD products again. It will catch the audience’s attention, but be careful not to employ CBD products and avoid specifically targeting teens in your content.

You may also include links in posts pertinent to your CBD items so that readers are directed to your CBD website. It is a good approach to using Instagram to gain consumers without breaking their privacy policies.

Post CBD-Related Images on Instagram

In the modern world, it is observed that people are more drawn to visual content than to textual content. Therefore, you can draw in a large audience by sharing photographs of your CBD items.

Your CBD business will be promoted by creating eye-catching photographs of your products related to CBD and posting them to your Instagram story with pertinent hashtags.

You must provide a picture showing how CBD goods function, for instance, or images about the CBD products that people use.

Hire Influencers

Before hiring influencers, you must first understand what they are. They have a sizable presence on Instagram and are reputable.

When you hire them, they promote your items and brand on their pages in return for payment. Because of this, a sizable portion of the audience will be drawn to your CBD goods. Additionally, this is a powerful advertising strategy.

Additionally, by adopting this strategy, not only are your CBD goods advertised, but their legitimacy also rises because reputable companies mention them on their pages.

Be Social

Instagram is a social site, so you should be social there as well. Make new friends, tag them in your Instagram stories about CBD goods, and have a conversation with them about CBD products without using the word “selling.”

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Final Words

These are a few simple, yet powerful, suggestions to help you promote your CBD product on Instagram. If you use these suggestions, maybe your account won’t be banned, and you won’t receive any notifications about privacy violations.