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Are you looking for ways to boost the number of real customers to your CBD website from organic search listings? You need an appropriate CBD marketing solution. Before we dive into the strategies, let’s understand a few things better.

  • Recent studies have shown that potential CBD customers in the USA want CBD but are unsure about trying it.
  • In 2019, Google reported 4 million searches for CBD in April alone.
  • Approximately 65% of adults think CBD is safer than alcohol.
  • According to a survey, 60% of U.S. adults either use or have tried CBD.

You can assume the nationwide popularity of CBD in 2023. If you have launched a new CBD business or haven’t been successful with your existing project, you need to implement effective marketing strategies. So, what are they?

Do you think SEO works for a CBD company? Well, you’re right. It can help you drive high-quality traffic to your website from organic search results for free. Now, it’s time to make the dive.

Step #1: Find Keywords to Rank in SERPs

The first step is to determine relevant keywords to rank your website so those looking for CBD products find your site. The keywords must be relevant to your business.

Finding relevant terms is best done through keyword research tools to research keywords. They provide many keyword choices you can use.

Look for long-tail keywords containing three words or more, such as “CBD gummies near me.”

These keywords are good for business because they boost quality leads. Only those looking for specific results search these terms. They have clear search intent and mean business.

When you get the keywords you need, add them to your website without pushing the limits. You may be aware of keyword stuffing; it affects SEO efforts negatively.

Keyword integration will help your CBD business rank high in search results and help you reach qualified traffic for your business.

Step #2: Optimize Meta Tags to Boost Your Website Ranking

Strategies to Drive Organic Traffic to Your CBD Website

Meta tags are critical to better search result ranking. Search engines use tags to discern your pages’ relevance, ranking your site appropriately in search results. You need to optimize three meta tags.

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Title Tags:

It is the first thing a searcher sees when checking the search results. You want them to click on your listing, so you must make it engaging and interesting. But keep it within 60 characters, which is the limit. People don’t like a cut-off title tag. It is distracting and repulsive. Insert the core keyword towards the beginning of the tag to increase relevance.

Meta Description:

Next is the meta description, a summary of your web page displayed below the title tag in SERPs. It isn’t a ranking factor but a click element. It should compel a searcher to click on your listing. Keep this tag within 155 characters and add the primary keyword.

Header Tags:

These tags appear at the top and across the content page, helping organize your content and give your audience a preview of the page. Both search engines and searchers check these tags to understand what the page is about. It should include the core keyword.

Step #3: Optimize Local Presence to Attract Local Leads

CBD SEO is more effective when you have a local presence because many searchers look for products from local CBD businesses.

Not optimizing for these searches means missing out on valuable traffic. So, how do you optimize your local presence?

Claim Your GMB Profile

Optimize your local presence by claiming your Google Business Profile listing first. It is a local listing that appears in search results when people look for CBD businesses around them. It appears at the top in a box called the local SEO 3-pack.

Fill out your listing after claiming it. Verify name, address, and contact information. Then, add valuable info like operational hours, website links, and business photos. For effective SEO, a GMB profile is quite necessary.

Optimize for Local Keywords

Finally, optimize for local keywords. These local keywords are those with a location attached to them. An example of a local keyword is SEO agency Los Angeles or a Los Angeles CBD store. Optimize for these keywords to appear in local searches with your local listing and drive traffic to your business.

Wrapping it Up

Get started with search engine optimization for your CBD business today. It takes plenty of time and effort. Consult with our SEO experts if you have other business operations to handle and want a few pairs of helping hands to boost your website rankings.

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