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Bloggers post more than 3million posts every day. The question is how to top the search engine results among this fierce competition?

The solution is Video marketing.


Following statistics back the claim:

Do you know that people watch more than 100million hours of videos every day? The report suggests that 64% of people decide to buy after seeing a product video.

So, you will miss potential customers in case of not having a proper video marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing experts are expecting the video traffic to account for 82% of all Internet traffic by 2021.

In the absence of paid marketing, an informative video for the vaping business can attract a good number of organic traffic to your site.


Do you need more reasons to start video marketing for your vaping business?

Here is a list of reasons how can video marketing help your business.

Video: A Storyteller Increasing Brand Awareness

Several vaping companies are there in the market using same digital marketing strategies.

Then, how can you make the brand stand out from other competitors?

It’s your storytelling art that helps you to remain to stand out. Your unique traits, growths create the difference with the rest.

You need to approach your viewers with the message of what makes you more than just an average vaping business. Tell them about the aim and purpose of your business. Make them aware of your mission.

You can easily share the videos on social media too.

Brand awareness is important to get more customers. Create a persuasive story that your viewers will want to share with others.

Educational Videos and How-to videos

People still have confusions about the difference between vaping and smoking. Misunderstandings push vaping in the same category as smoking.

People feel difficulty to come out of the stigma of smoking. They consider vaping and smoking to be precisely the same. People interested in vaping also have confusions about the products.

Make a video to make the people aware of what vaping is all about? Why vaping is better than smoking? Discuss the benefits of vaping with them.

Viewers search for how-to videos a lot. Make the people aware of the use of different parts of the vaping devices with an informative video.

Show your viewers the easiness of using the vaping device. You can make videos on coil replacement, battery use, Mod adjustments, and more.

You can classify the video in three levels such as for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.

Here, you may ask why not writing the how-to contents? Yes, they are good too. But a striking fact you must understand here.

90% of the information brain takes are visual, as it is 60,000times faster in comparison to written text.

So, why not a video to boost your written post or website?

Give the Answers to The Query

After publishing few videos on different platforms, look for the viewers’ reaction. Few will ask some questions about vaping. Make a list of such questions.

Make another video to give the answers to the questions. Explain the common concerns and queries of the viewers on vaping.

While making the videos do not behave robotically. Use humor and sense both as people will not like a video with a stationary approach. Remember that advertising for vaping business is not easy, so you need to count on every aspect.

Your videos must reflect the attitude and personality of the company that will be relatable with your audience.


Interview Videos

Video making necessarily not mean that you need to tell about yourself and products only. You can take interviews with the key people in the vaping world.

You can ask the experts of different fields like vaping marketers, vape tricksters. You can ask them about the changes in the vaping market, devices, their experiences.

Interviewing with someone special gives your brand an authoritarian strength. You can do a fun interview with the staffs to tell them about their work experiences or can ask a regular customer to share his response.

Don’t worry about including others in the videos as it will give you more reach.

Testimonial Videos: Increase the Trust in The Brand

Before you buy or hire, don’t you search for testimonials? Your potential customers do the same.

Testimonials are the source of trust. It makes the potential customers to trust your brand.

Testimonial videos are the best way to build brand trust as the clients are saying about you. You can ask your regular customers to make a self-video on phone and to send it to you.

You can offer discounts to the customers who send you such testimonial videos. It will be a great way to encourage people to give testimonials about your company.

Go FaceBook Live


Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to share your videos. However, with features like live streaming, they become more important for vape video marketing.

Facebook has 2.38 billion, and Instagram has 1 billion monthly users. You can imagine the size of the audience.

Facebook and Instagram allow you direct communication with the customers. Live videos are more genuine in feel and casual in approach.

Go for live videos for a product launch or an event organized by your business. Show your customers live that what is going on.

You can save the videos and edit them for posting them on YouTube later.

What Videos Will Do to Your Business?

Video marketing can do wonder to the vape business. A proper video marketing strategy will ensure a better search engine ranking. With a better ranking, you will see the rise in organic traffic.

Followings are some of the quick effects of video marketing strategy.

Increased Visibility in Search Queries

The updated algorithms of search engines allow the videos to come on the results of the search query. A good video can increase the visibility of your business.

Facebook and Instagram let know your followers every time you go live. It helps your business to be on the mind of the visitors.

Finally, a good video can convert a viewer to a potential customer.               

Customer Retention

Proper video marketing can help you with customers retention programming. You can notify the existing customers of a new video.

Featuring in testimonial videos can be a reason for the customers to stick with the vaping brand. Discounts and offers are added toppings to this.

Closing Words

Hardly you will find an Internet user who doesn’t view any video. Several people take a buying decision after seeing a promotional video.

Video marketing is the future of vape marketing. Sooner you will start, you can be able to enjoy results fast.a

Do you want more ideas to plan your video marketing strategy? Mail us to know more.